The Most Exciting Action Of The Weekend Was In This Kids Relay Race

Even without betting on them, the races and games held during stoppages in play of sporting events are often the most thrilling action of the day; it's possible I miss the mites games between periods more than anything else during the NHL lockout. This relay race, from half time of yesterday's Southampton-Newcastle… »11/26/12 9:40am11/26/12 9:40am

A Competitor In New York's First Ironman Triathlon Died In The Hudson River

During the swim portion of the inaugural New York City Ironman Triathlon, which began 7 a.m. Saturday morning, a 43-year-old man experienced what most are calling "medical distress" or "a medical problem." He was pulled from the water and taken to a hospital, but did not survive. Autopsy results are pending and the… »8/12/12 2:30pm8/12/12 2:30pm