Rachel Nichols Breaks News Of Lenny Cooke's Death. (He Is Not Dead.)

Poor Lenny Cooke. The high-school-basketball-legend-turned-tragic-washout got a shout out on TNT's NBA broadcast last night when Rachel Nichols mentioned that Joakim Noah recently helped produce a documentary about Cooke's too-much-too-soon cautionary tale. Unfortunately for Cooke, Nichols teased the documentary as… » 11/22/13 12:03pm 11/22/13 12:03pm

All You Needed To Know About Your National Anchor

We really don't mean to pick on Rachel Nichols, who seems like a nice enough person and has some legit journ cred. Or at least she used to, before she became a sideline reporter. The muscle memory of that ridiculous job led Nichols to ask that ridiculous question of David Stern at his Donaghy press conference, in… » 7/26/07 1:35pm 7/26/07 1:35pm