Complaint: Basketball Coach, Rick Adelman's Son, Taught Players Insanely Misguided Race Lesson

Four parents of Lincoln High School (Portland, Ore.) basketball players have filed a complaint against varsity coach Pat Adelman, alleging that Adelman called white players racists during a halftime tongue-lashing, and demeaned two black players by making their teammates touch them, according to Willamette Week.


Is DeRay's Run For Mayor The Next Step For Black Lives Matter?

Wednesday night, just minutes before the deadline, the 30-year-old civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson filed to run for mayor of his hometown of Baltimore, and, in coordination with the The Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and The New York Times, announced his campaign on Medium. The announcement, which had been…

Dexter Manley Says Black Quarterbacks Are More Mobile Because "They're Probably Used To Running From The Law"

Former Washington star defensive end Dexter Manley already got banned from one D.C. radio station for offensive comments, and he raised eyebrows again today on CBS station WUSA when he had some interesting thoughts on black quarterbacks. Specifically: that black quarterbacks like to run because they’re used to running…

John Oliver Gleefully Recaps Dan Snyder's "DICK BALLS" Legal Filing

We noted earlier this week a comically vulgar legal defense levied by NFL owner Dan Snyder to retain the “Washington Redskins” trademark, and HBO comic John Oliver covered the topic on his Last Week Tonight program. The organization’s point becomes even more clear when spoken out loud; Dan Snyder wants to clearly…