Rafael Palmeiro Was The Ideal Steroids Scapegoat

Rafael Palmeiro was going to stroll into the Hall of Fame. It's sort of unbelievable to remember this fact, as we try to gaze back over the ruptured fault line between the Steroids Era and the Steroids Recriminations Era. There wasn't really anything to argue about, back then. He was in. » 12/24/13 9:00am 12/24/13 9:00am

Anibal Sanchez's 17-K Game Trumped Even Randy Johnson's 1992 "Hammer…

If we can indulge in a brief moment of Welcome Back, Baseball — still early enough in the season, right? — it’s a joy to watch a sport that puts the ball in the hands of the defense. Virtually any other sport you care to name turns a defensive player into an offensive player as soon as he takes possession of the… » 4/27/13 3:43pm 4/27/13 3:43pm

The Orioles Used A Special Bat Named "Stumpy" Against Mariano Rivera

Buster Olney has a fun little Mariano Rivera story from former outfielder and current V.P. of baseball operations for Baltimore, Brady Anderson. » 4/14/13 5:28pm 4/14/13 5:28pm

Rafael Palmeiro Is Talking Now That It's Time For Hall Of Fame Voters…

He still claims he never took steroids. He sought comfort in the soothing words of President George W. Bush. His wife gave him a vitamin shot by accident. Miguel Tejada gave him a B-12 shot. Chances of HOF?: Zilcho. [SI] » 12/29/10 11:10am 12/29/10 11:10am

Look, Another Steroids Story

Poor George Mitchell. Most people thought his steroids investigation into baseball was doomed more than a year ago, when it began, because if you don't have to talk to a guy like that, why would you? What, this guy's gonna bust this wide open? George Mitchell is a respected public figure, but, you know, not exactly … » 5/09/07 1:15pm 5/09/07 1:15pm

Palmeiro Gets His Family Circus On

Remember during the steroid trials, when Sammy Sosa inexplicably forgot how to speak english? Rafael Palmeiro, albeit a few months late, apparently is trying to same tactic. » 12/28/05 12:30pm 12/28/05 12:30pm

Palmeiro Pretends To Come Clean

For anybody who missed it yesterday, Orioles designated hitter Rafael Palmeiro finally made a public statement about steroids yesterday, and, as you'd certainly expect, it was unsatisifying. Basically, Palmeiro said he never intentionally took steroids but that he might have accidentally got some in his system because… » 11/10/05 8:49am 11/10/05 8:49am

The Lactating Rafael Palmeiro

Well, now it appears that the "secret source" for Rafael Palmeiro's steroid wasn't a "source" or, for that matter, a "steroid." (But Palmeiro's name was, in fact, spelled correctly.) It turns out that Palmeiro told Congress that Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada gave Palmeiro a B-12 Vitamin, which is not only not a… » 9/23/05 10:41am 9/23/05 10:41am

Raffy's Mystery Roiding Buddy

Having exhausted the bottomless well of information that is Jorge Piedra, Congress is now investigating whether a teammate might have provided Orioles mustachio Rafael Palmeiro with steroids. Supposedly, Palmeiro said in closed-door testimony that he was given the substance by a fellow Oriole "by accident," and that… » 9/22/05 12:34pm 9/22/05 12:34pm

Blogdome: The NCAA Can Screw Up Anything

• If there's a way to rectify a wrong by screwing over a student-athlete, rest assured that the NCAA will find it. [The Sports Frog]
• Some excuses Rafael Palmeiro didn't come up with. [Zulkey]
• It's bad enough that the Mets have collapsed. But do fans have to watch Jose Offerman too? Come on, that's just mean. [… » 9/14/05 12:26pm 9/14/05 12:26pm

Price For Mustache Rides Drops Dramatically

We can't help but notice something: It has been a bad few days for the mustache. Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt is 0-2 as coach of his alma mater. Orioles steroid pariah Rafael Palmeiro is gonna hide for the rest of the season, probably for the rest of his career. And the patron saint of this, Tom Selleck, hasn't… » 9/12/05 10:48am 9/12/05 10:48am

Raffy To Apply His Cream Back Home, Alone, Sans Earplugs

He's tried earplugs, he's tried refusing interviews, he's even tried shaving the mustache (OK, wishful thinking there), but since none of that worked, Rafael Palmeiro is taking his burgeoning erection and going home. He's officially "rehabbing his knee," in the same way that Jimmy Hoffa was "gardening." He says he's… » 9/06/05 4:11pm 9/06/05 4:11pm

Blogdom's Best: Make The Bad Mustached Man Go Away

News And Views From The Disaffected and Bored ...
• It has come to this: People are blatantly begging the Orioles to dump Rafael Palmeiro. On anyone. [Camden Chat]
• If Cubs fans could actually bury their team under six feet of dirt, you know they totally would. [Bleed Cubbie Blue]
• Tennis players are actually having… » 8/30/05 3:01pm 8/30/05 3:01pm

About Last Night ...

What you missed while calling for the assasination of Hugo Chavez ...
A's complete four-game sweep of Orioles. Strangely, Rafael Palmeiro seems weak and powerless lately for some reason.
Lions make it official, Have the word "hapless" painted on their helmets.
Agassi needs only 69 minutes to advance at U.S.… » 8/30/05 9:00am 8/30/05 9:00am

When Will Raffy Return?

Orioles roid rager — exclusive term! MUST CREDIT DEADSPIN! — Rafael Palmeiro was eligible to return last night but did not play. The Orioles are reportedly considering keeping him out of the lineup until after this weekend's series so he won't be booed by home fans. » 8/12/05 4:25pm 8/12/05 4:25pm

Welcome Back, Raffy!

Well, tonight is the night that Orioles 'roid monster — that's a Deadspin special moniker, by the way; MUST CREDIT DEADSPIN! — Rafael Palmeiro is eligible to return from his 10-day suspension for steroids. Currently, Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo says Palmeiro is not likely to play tonight, and there are still rumors… » 8/11/05 6:14pm 8/11/05 6:14pm

Get Ready: Another 'Roid Name Is Coming

Orioles roid head — that's a new name we're trying out; great, ain't it? — Rafael Palmeiro is scheduled to return to the Orioles tomorrow after serving his 10-day suspension for steroids. But many observers aren't sure he'll come back at all; Congress is still investigating him, some of the Orioles brass are… » 8/10/05 2:44pm 8/10/05 2:44pm

Ryno's Campaign Against Mustache Rides

We had completely forgotten about this, so we give big mad propers — that's Phil Mushnick-approved "street lingo" — to Can't Stop The Bleeding for reminding us: recent Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, according to observers and tons of rumors, once had steroid stud Rafael Palmeiro traded for sleeping with his wife. (Or,… » 8/08/05 3:58pm 8/08/05 3:58pm