Jim Harbaugh Is Harbaughing Uncontrollably

Jim Harbaugh has tantrums when his team plays well, in regular season games. His only settings are "considering whether or not to have a meltdown" and "having a meltdown." He's currently in "having a meltdown" mode, with the dial inching towards "enraged," probable to reach "apoplectic" before snapping off. He can't stop waving … » 2/03/13 8:11pm 2/03/13 8:11pm

Sean Salisbury Gets The Final Word. I Think.

I was as riveted/disturbed as most of you were by the real-time temper tantrums of former ESPN football analyst Sean Salisbury and the ensuing potential legal ramifications of such an event. It's new territory for everyone. But Sean insisted. » 9/24/09 4:50pm 9/24/09 4:50pm

Sean Salisbury Has A Few Things To Get Off His Chest

Former ESPNer Sean Salisbury was fired from a Dallas radio station two weeks ago and he finally responded to us about the allegations— in the most colossally unhinged way possible. Brace yourselves for the mother of all media meltdowns. » 9/23/09 12:40pm 9/23/09 12:40pm