Chad Johnson and Rags to Riches: A Love Story

Let me propose something: The love-child (fine, if you insist: "love-foal") of Chad Johnson and Rags to Riches could be the greatest racing machine in the history of the world. » 6/10/07 12:30pm 6/10/07 12:30pm

And consider that Rags to Riches became the in more than a century. How, precisely, is THAT "stud fee" windfall supposed to work?

Meanwhile, in "Beast vs. Beast" Racing...

Having already established that Chad Johnson racing a horse at 4:53 p.m. today is THE racing event of the day/week/month, it's a wee bit harder to get excited about the Belmont Stakes. » 6/09/07 4:45pm 6/09/07 4:45pm