Last Night's Rain Delay Was Called One Out Before The Cardinals Had To…

When Shane Robinson grounded out to give the Cardinals a 3-1 lead, with two outs in the seventh, it was raining. Raining hard. Raining hard enough to call the game? Raining harder than in the previous at-bat? Raining not quite as hard as it would for the next batter, when crew chief Gary Darling called a halt to play? » 10/18/12 11:00am 10/18/12 11:00am

The Dome Broke In Toronto Last Night

It was one of those nights. Never mind the 12-0 drubbing at the hands of the Orioles, or the season-low attendance of 13,556, or even the gradual realization that the Jays aren't going to sniff .500, a figure they always tend to be within a couple games of on either side. It was poor judgment and a mechanical failure… » 9/05/12 9:55am 9/05/12 9:55am

"I Am A Little Worried To Be...On The Electronics": Thunder Storm…

Courtesy of Aaron Morse, the voice you hear broadcasting, comes video of this wild thunder storm rain delay. The game between the Joliet Slammers and Southern Illinois Miners on Friday night was delayed for rain and what appears to be heavy winds. The grounds crew put down the tarp and even, according to Morse,… » 6/30/12 10:42am 6/30/12 10:42am

Rain Delay Theater, Human Toilet Edition

We're closer to living in a just world, a world where college baseball rain delay antics are front page news and lead SportsCenter. Edgewood College knows what's up: their athletics office put together this video and sent it along. That's the D-III Eagles and the Rockford College Regents engaging in some fun during a… » 4/30/12 4:40pm 4/30/12 4:40pm

World Series Game Five Suspended; Phillies' One-Run Lead Delayed Rain…

For the entire World Series, it seems like the umpires had been under the mischievous magnifying glass of the sinister "Toy Story" neighbor Sid, just burning under the criticism. Little did you realize it'd go beyond the classic blown out-safe calls and wacky strike zones. Now it's about when to roll a tarp onto a… » 10/27/08 11:24pm 10/27/08 11:24pm