"Unbelievable!" Wild Rallycross Finish Leaves Announcer Screaming [UPDATE]

Timmy Hansen overtook Mattias Ekström on the final corner to claim the checkered flag at today’s WorldRX of Sweden championship, and the finish was almost too much for the FIA announcing team to handle. “You have to excuse my screaming! He’s done it! Epic!” » 7/05/15 11:04am 7/05/15 11:04am

In Least-Professional Broadcast Ever, ESPN Announcers Mock Wrecked Rallycross Driver As He's Taken To Hospital

ESPN's live broadcast of the Global Rallycross event in Las Vegas Saturday night turned bizarre as the feed—being recorded for later tape-delayed broadcast—revealed a series of bizarre comments by announcers in the aftermath of a driver's devastating accident. » 10/01/12 3:20pm 10/01/12 3:20pm