Looks Like Sunday's Bills Game Will Be Moved [Update: Yep]

It's still snowing in Western New York. (What the fuck, snow.) The Bills remain scheduled to play the Jets, but people are dying and trapped and stranded and there's probably no real reason 70,000 people should be on the road at the same time on Sunday. It's sounding like sanity is beginning to prevail. (Update, 4:36… »11/20/14 2:20pm11/20/14 2:20pm

The Bills Blackmailed New York Taxpayers Into Covering 84 Percent Of Stadium Renovations

You might have missed this in the pre-holiday news dump, which it was specifically timed for—it's a good idea to downplay the implications of a story like this. An agreement was announced in a "hastily called news conference" to keep the Bills in Buffalo (actually Orchard Park) through at least 2020. But the real… »12/27/12 11:05am12/27/12 11:05am

Buffalo Schoolteachers Charged With Humping In The Bathroom At This Weekend's Bills Game

Making sex in the bathroom is never the brightest nor most hygienic idea, to say nothing of the typical stall conditions at an NFL stadium used by 70,000 people. That goes for fucking on the floor of the pristine new Cowboys Stadium, and it definitely goes for whatever two grade school teachers were caught doing in… »12/07/11 1:45pm12/07/11 1:45pm