Rampage Jackson Mocking, Humping, And/Or Mistreating Retarded People, Fat People, Gays, Women, Japanese Men, And A Door: A Gallery

Earlier this week, Rampage Jackson, an "alpha male" who also competes as a professional mixed martial artist, stuck his face into the cleavage of a female reporter (who handled the intrusion better than many might have). When another female reporter complained, however,, the MMA community's alpha male chorus broke… »6/03/11 6:05pm6/03/11 6:05pm

Rampage Jackson Comes Very Close To Motorboating This Reporter

On Saturday, Rampage Jackson decisioned Matt Hamill in the main event of a UFC card that nobody cared about. After the fight, Jackson was his typical charming, wanton self. Here's an interview he did with Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat in which Jackson all but ravages her at the press-conference podium. This isn't the… »5/31/11 10:40am5/31/11 10:40am

Now You Can Own A Piece Of Rampage Jackson's Shredded Dignity

If one good thing came out of Quintin "Rampage" Jackson's police chase drama on Tuesday, it's that he's giving the SoCal economy a much-needed boost. First an enterprising young man snapped photos of the arrest in front of his house, and sold them to TMZ. And now it turns out that a guy grabbed the shredded tire that… »7/17/08 9:15am7/17/08 9:15am