The Only Rule Is Refusal: A Song For Rand Paul

By the end of last night’s debate, Rand Paul had been reduced to smirking and reciting the Real Fiscal Conservatism rulebook—You can’t spend trillions on the military and be a real conservative, so are you a real conservative?—like a five-year-old who’d caught a playmate in the irreconcilable thoughtcrime of claiming… »11/11/15 3:29pm11/11/15 3:29pm


Marco Rubio's Boy Kinda Punched Rand Paul's Boy In The Face Last Night

Politics, like rap music, is sports. In the throes of competition, tempers flare as the blood gets hot. There’s always some beef. Sometimes, separate parties arrive at blows. Rarely, there’s even gunplay. Within that context, allow us to direct you to the bestest beef of them all, between aides to Republican… »9/18/15 12:29pm9/18/15 12:29pm