Randy Shannon Used To Sleep In Cortez Kennedy's Dorm Room To Keep Him Out Of The Fridge

After juco transfer Cortez Kennedy tipped the scales at 370 his junior year, Randy Shannon, who had graduated the year before, was assigned to help him keep the weight down. Now that Kennedy is entering the NFL Hall of Fame, he's reminiscing about the little things that got him where he is today. On an interview with … »2/09/12 5:20pm2/09/12 5:20pm


The College Football Rundown: There Is Never Enough Tebow To Go Around

Chris Fowler summed up the second week of college football when he said on ESPN Gameday: "The fans deserve a better slate of games than these." He was right. Several of the games turned out to be exciting but there was nothing particularly gripping about a roster that only featured seven games, seven »9/08/08 12:30pm9/08/08 12:30pm, where the point…