Fallen Rangers Fan Is The Saddest Subway Rider

A reader sends along this photo of a prone Rangers fan, fittingly adorned in a Rick Nash jersey and camo Rangers hat, lying prone on the Q train at 2:00 a.m. last night. We are told that this guy "barely moved" for at least three stops, at which time our tipster had to get off the train. » 6/12/14 2:56pm 6/12/14 2:56pm

Deadspin I-Team: Rangers Fan Perxtraordinaire

I've contemplated it for the better part of a day and have decided to press forward: People of Texas, on behalf of commenting/emailing Deadspin Nation, I implore you to share anything, and everything, you can about Miss Bounces-in-Red. » 10/23/10 6:15pm 10/23/10 6:15pm