Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott: "No Chance Of Me Coming Back Next Year"

So Ohio State really melted down fast, huh? After coming into the day looking like a likely playoff participant, against a hobbled Michigan State team, the Buckeyes shit the bed and let the Spartans hang 10 up on them in the fourth quarter to storm back and win. After the game it got worse, as Ezekiel Elliott was… »11/21/15 8:13pm11/21/15 8:13pm

Watch Danica Patrick Get Mad And Get Even With Dale Earnhardt Jr.

After getting tapped from behind by Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Kentucky Speedway last night and radioing over an expletive-laden rant, Danica Patrick tapped him back as they entered pit lane. Her crew tried to explain that Dale Jr. was having brake issues all night, but she wouldn’t have it. Nope! Not an excuse.
»7/12/15 1:31pm7/12/15 1:31pm

It's Time To Bring Back The Six-Pack

One foolish afternoon a long, long time ago, Drunkspin risked a lifetime banishment from the good graces of the Craft Beer Movement by suggesting that even the very finest beers—the ones with corks and waiting lists and wicked kickass dragons and/or puns on the labels—contain alcohol, which has been shown in some… »5/21/15 12:45pm5/21/15 12:45pm

This Emmy-Award Winning YouTube Mechanic Is Full Of Shit

YouTube is a medium where mostly interesting people share mostly interesting things like cat fail videos and safe-for-work porn. However, there are certain outlets that give advice on certain automotive topics, namely the popular Scotty Kilmer channel, that you should take with a nearly lethal dosage of salt. Here’s… »4/21/15 2:08pm4/21/15 2:08pm

Why The Hell Is Chip Kelly Signing Tim Tebow? Some Working Theories

As you may have heard, the Philadelphia Eagles are signing former college veerback and ideal Nicholas Sparks film protagonist Tim Tebow to a contract today. Up until this offseason, Eagles coach Chip Kelly was rather adept at giving fans the impression that he had some kind of grand master plan for the franchise.… »4/20/15 11:03am4/20/15 11:03am

Drew Magary Won Chopped Last Night And It’s A Goddamn National Disgrace

So imagine my surprise when I logged onto Deadspin last night and found that serial child abuser Drew Magary was participating on Chopped. That due to some combination of threatening the producers with a kitchen knife and Shibbolethian fecal rituals, he had managed to convince them that he knew how to cook a piece of… »4/08/15 10:47am4/08/15 10:47am