Which Grantland Writer Does Dave Chappelle Follow On Twitter?

Dave Chappelle joined Twitter recently, and although he hasn't yet mastered the medium, he has a bunch of followers. (Several reputable comedians tweeted out that @chappelledavidk was the man's real handle, and the masses naturally flocked—he was not so long ago among the world's most prolific funnymen.) But he… » 3/22/12 2:20pm 3/22/12 2:20pm

Royal Rumble Ends; Blogger Still Standing

Royals lift "ban" on Rany Jazayerli : "[T]here's a big difference between passively resisting my show and actively trying to sabotage my career. Now that the latter possibility is off the table, we're cool." [Rany on the Royals] » 7/03/09 9:30am 7/03/09 9:30am

Team "Bans" Baseball Prospectus Writer, Pain In The Royal Ass

Last week, Rany Jazayerli, blogger and baseball propeller-head of note, went after longtime Royals trainer Nick Swartz, stopping just shy of ripping out the man's heart and waving it at the sun. The team didn't take this so well. » 7/02/09 6:00pm 7/02/09 6:00pm