Dr. Dre's Spotty Compton Is The First Record To Show His Age

Dr. Dre has enjoyed one of the most remarkable careers in hip-hop history. In music’s most youth-dominant genre, not only has he managed to roll with the changing times, he has ranked among the most powerful forces steering the direction of the rap industry for a solid two decades. Which makes it a little… »8/14/15 12:38pm8/14/15 12:38pm

Sean Price, RIP: In Praise Of The Brokest Rapper You Know

If Sean Price’s rap career had ended in 1996—if his only contribution to the genre was that year’s ingenious Nocturnal, the debut album from his duo Heltah Skeltah—he would still be worthy of the respect, admiration, and mourning that has poured forth since the announcement of his sudden death this past Saturday. But… »8/12/15 1:53pm8/12/15 1:53pm

How Baseball Players Use Walk-Up Music Like a Performance Enhancing Drug

Angels’ Mike Trout likes Drake. The Nationals’ Bryce Harper opts for Sinatra. Some go with a feel-good ballad from an 80s band called The Outfield. At least a half-dozen players use “Turn Down for What.” This is the world of baseball “walk-up” music, the songs that blare through the stands as the batters of the home… »8/03/15 2:38pm8/03/15 2:38pm

We Made Killer Mike Some Campaign Posters

The people have spoken, and the people really want Killer Mike to run for public office. Yesterday, he tweeted that you should write him in as a candidate in the current Georgia State Senate election, which quickly lead the internet to believe he was actually running. He’s not, he later clarified. At least not this… »6/16/15 4:37pm6/16/15 4:37pm

We Made More Rap-Themed Sprite Cans


So Sprite, in conjunction with The Fader, is putting rap lyrics on its cans this summer, to honor a cultural synergy that stretches all the way from Kurtis Blow to A Tribe Called Quest to Drake. Which is a lovely tribute, sure, but the initial roster—Aubrey, Nas, Rakim, and a one-off from the Notorious B.I.G.—leaves… »6/12/15 2:27pm6/12/15 2:27pm

Young Thug Is Digging Deeper, And Getting Better

Young Thug’s The Barter VI met with mixed reactions when it surfaced online a week ago, a seeming anti-climax after months of snowballing hype and controversy. All things considered, the album is a bold move for Thug, counterintuitive as it may seem for such a low-key project. But his fans’ initial ambivalence isn’t… »4/23/15 1:36pm4/23/15 1:36pm

Listen To These 14 Great Rap Albums From 2015 

It's not even April yet, and it has already been an excellent year for new music. Like, shockingly excellent. Drake dropped an wonderful surprise album, while Kedrick Lamar unleashed his much-anticipated follow-up to 2012's Good Kid M.A.A.D. City. We also have the promise of new albums from Kanye, Rihanna, Ty Dolla… »3/30/15 3:33pm3/30/15 3:33pm

Freedom Song: A Conversation About the State of Black Liberation Music

In the lyric pamphlet to Black Messiah, D'Angelo's third album after 14 years away from the spotlight, the soul-savant explains his reasoning behind its title and sudden release: "Some will jump to the conclusion that I am calling myself a Black Messiah," he begins. "For me the title is about all of us...It's about… »3/25/15 5:25pm3/25/15 5:25pm

All Eyez On Me: Kendrick Lamar's Dense, Neurotic To Pimp A Butterfly

Kendrick Lamar doesn't make anything easy. Sunday night, he briefly broke the constantly breaking internet by issuing his new album, To Pimp a Butterfly, a full week early on iTunes and multiple streaming services; by Monday afternoon, iTunes had both frantically pulled it back down and just as abruptly put it… »3/18/15 10:37am3/18/15 10:37am

Video: Iamsu! Talks His New Mixtape And Being Underrated

One thing you should know about Bay Area rapper Iamsu is that he loves his mom; I know this because he brought her along when he came by the Deadspin office recently. The reason he stopped by to begin with brings me to the other thing you should know about the guy otherwise known as Suzy Six Speed: He definitely reads… »3/16/15 3:46pm3/16/15 3:46pm