Listen To Unreliable Apocalyptist Harold Camping Talk About Sports

May 21st has passed without the Rapture, much to the chagrin of Harold Camping and his followers. But Camping is not just a one-trick Horseman: he talks about all kinds of non-apocalyptic stuff on his Family Radio station. Play the above clip to hear what he has to say about how sports interfere with the Lord's Day.… » 5/23/11 11:40am 5/23/11 11:40am

Ranking The 10 End-Of-The-Human-Race Scenarios

The Rapture is scheduled for tomorrow, and this is roughly the 17th time in my life that all of us were supposed to die according to some kind of vague, medieval prediction. All of these Rapture predictions, of course, are born of hubris. Everyone wants to believe that they will be alive during the most momentous… » 5/20/11 12:55pm 5/20/11 12:55pm