Rasheed Wallace Just Got Ejected After 85 Seconds Of Playing Time [Updated With Video]

And it was for the best reason. His first tech, naturally, was for shoving [UPDATE: More of a whack, really] Luis Scola. Goran Dragic went to the line to shoot his technical free throw. He missed. Sheed yelled, "Ball don't lie!", as he is wont to do. Tossed. He'd been in the game for 1:25. The crowd went wild.… »12/02/12 1:45pm12/02/12 1:45pm

Rasheed Wallace Yells "Ball Don't Lie" Because Sheed Likes To Yell Things

The absolute best conceit in basketball is there is some sort of cosmic justice. If a player makes an undeserved trip to the line on a ticky-tack foul, the telltale ball will betray the shooter. This worked to perfection last night, as Rasheed Wallace—the chattiest player in the game—felt he was done an injustice… »11/21/12 12:55pm11/21/12 12:55pm

"I'm 38 Years Old, Baby": Things Rasheed Wallace Said, Did, And Pointed At During Last Night's Knicks Game

Rasheed Wallace: lover, fighter, hilarious training camp invitee, and talker of the best trash in the NBA. On Tuesday, he yelled "Yeah, Aflac!" at Aaron Afflalo after Afflalo bricked a free throw; last night, he yelled everything at everybody after they did anything. Here is your courtside Sheed experience for a game… »11/17/12 11:30am11/17/12 11:30am

Here's Rasheed Wallace Yelling "Yeah, AFLAC!" After A Missed Free Throw

After being out of the league for two years, you can't blame Rasheed Wallace if he's trying to force someone's hand on snapping up an endorsement contract. His surprising resurrection has been an unexpected bright spot this season for the (as of now) 4-0 Knickerbockers. Frankly, of all the things you could yell… »11/13/12 8:15pm11/13/12 8:15pm

Rasheed Wallace Proudly Declares Himself The New Brian Scalabrine

Rasheed Wallace never disappoints. At the end of the Knicks' emotional victory over the Heat last night, ‘Sheed was roused from a fitful nap at the end of the bench by the crowd chanting his name, and coach Mike Woodson immediately subbing him in for his first minutes as a Knick. He looked out of shape, hit a three,… »11/03/12 11:24am11/03/12 11:24am

Rasheed Wallace Has Arrived At Knicks Camp. He's Wearing Clam Diggers And A Backwards Jersey

This photo comes courtesy of Seth Rosenthal's Twitter feed. We spent some time debating what one would call Sheed's pants. Highwaters? Capris? Shants? We eventually settled on clam diggers, because "clam diggers" is fun to say. Whatever their real name may be, those pants are...something. »10/03/12 1:45pm10/03/12 1:45pm

ESPN's Shelley Smith's Bizarre Reporting Style Results In Prank Phone Call

ESPN's Shelley Smith did some weird crowd-sourced journalism via Twitter late last night. She tweeted, "neefd rasheed walace to coll me et 310-251-2516. important nreedvrws." A short time later, she tweeted, "ooops . always love hearing from rasheed wallace.....but really need rasheedbhazzard .....310-251-2516."… »7/08/11 2:35pm7/08/11 2:35pm