WWE 2K14: The Kotaku Review

Twenty-five years ago my best friend and I set up a wrestling ring in my basement—four barstools for the turnbuckles, some old mattresses for the canvas. The actual wrestling we did was hesitant, unplanned and uncompelling. But man, the stuff we did out of the ring makes me smile to this day. » 11/04/13 6:05pm 11/04/13 6:05pm

Wrestler Moonsaults Himself Out Of The Ring, With Disastrous Results

If you're even going to try a corkscrew moonsault, always be sure to be balanced properly before launching yourself skyward. Failing that, you should at least be certain to leap in the right direction. Sigh. You know what? Whatever you do, don't do anything this guy did. » 5/07/13 6:48pm 5/07/13 6:48pm

Ric Flair's WOOlogy For Randy Savage

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: the Nature Boy reminisces about Wrestlemania, and launches the Macho Man's candidacy for the WWE Hall of Fame. » 5/23/11 5:45pm 5/23/11 5:45pm

Pac Man Is "Wrestling" At The Wrong Time

Before your proverbial panties are proverbially bunched by Pac Man Jones not really wrestling, the fine gents at Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom remind us that, in the olden days of 12 years ago, NFL players didn't just wrestle, they headlined Wrestlemania. There was no worry about injury back then, though, because… » 8/13/07 3:40pm 8/13/07 3:40pm

Pac Man Jones, Making It Pain

Far be it from us to impugn the trustworthiness of professional wrestling, but when a court order comes down saying that the headliner of your pay-per-view event "could not touch or be touched, grapple, shove, throw or have anything thrown at him by anyone working for or watching the show," well, we're probably not… » 8/13/07 11:40am 8/13/07 11:40am

Will They Make It Rain On Pac Man's Face?

Pac Man Jones made his professional wrestling promotional debut last night, and, well, he's doing a pretty good job, because here we are, writing about him. » 8/10/07 11:40am 8/10/07 11:40am

Pac Man Jones Finds A League That Wants Him

It is a relief to know that, while he's serving his full-season suspension from the NFL this season — for, we repeat, charges he's yet to actually be arrested for — Pac Man Jones will be keeping himself busy. » 7/30/07 10:00am 7/30/07 10:00am

The WWE Is Leaving No Stone Unturned

We didn't grow up watching much professional wrestling, so we don't have the solid foundation in its history as some of you might ... but we'll confess, for a writer/reporter, being brought into an ongoing WWE "feud" without your knowledge has to be quite the career highlight. » 6/20/07 5:15pm 6/20/07 5:15pm