NFL Player Ray Edwards Is A Boxer Now, And He Can Knock Guys Out Without Touching Them

Since being released by the Atlanta Falcons in November, defensive end Ray Edwards has embarked on a fledgling boxing career. The video above comes from a recent bout that Edwards had in West Fargo, North Dakota. I don't know why Edwards is fighting a short, pudgy man who looks more like an accountant than he does a… »2/11/13 4:45pm2/11/13 4:45pm

Jared Allen Told Ray Edwards, "I'm Going To Punch You Square In Your Wiener, Dude" Before Punching Him Square In The Wiener

Maybe you've seen the video circulating this week that shows Minnesota's Jared Allen punching Atlanta's Ray Edwards directly in the crotch during the Falcons' 24-14 win in Week 12. If not, here it is, and here's Allen's frank explanation of the incident from today's episode of PFT Live: »12/06/11 8:10pm12/06/11 8:10pm

This Portrait Of Atlanta Falcon Ray Edwards And LaStarya Thompson Better Be Called "Handful Of Ass"

Tipster Mike S. was kind enough to ferret out this glorious piece of artwork on artist Gabe Richesson's website. In proper form, the Edwards/LaStarya study is five-feet wide and four-feet tall. In proper form, it owns the room, as if a vice squeezing your attention tight and showing it who's boss. »11/29/11 8:30pm11/29/11 8:30pm