SNL Cold Open Features "Ray Lewis" & "Shannon Sharpe" Talking NFL Issues

Saturday Night Live opened its 40th season tonight with the NFL, as Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah took on the personas of Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe, respectively, attempting to respond to recent scandals involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. » 9/27/14 11:52pm 9/27/14 11:52pm

Ray Lewis: "Some Things You Can Cover Up ... Some Things You Can't"

ESPN let Ray Lewis talk about Ray Rice on NFL Countdown again, for some reason. I'd say this bit of Lewis's long monologue on the subject was ill-advised and obnoxious, but then again, Lewis is an expert on what can and can't be covered up. » 9/21/14 12:01pm 9/21/14 12:01pm

Ray Lewis: "There's No Comparison Between Me And Ray Rice"

ESPN rolled out Ray Lewis to talk Ray Rice tonight, because Lewis had mentored Rice during his time in Baltimore, and presumably also because Lewis was involved in one of the NFL's highest-profile criminal investigations in the past decade. But when Suzy Kolber brought that up, Lewis shut it right down. No, he says,… » 9/08/14 5:57pm 9/08/14 5:57pm

Ray Lewis Could Have Prevented Ravens Party Bus Brawl, Says Ray Lewis

Good news, everyone. Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, now an ESPN analyst, has some opinions about the recent party bus incident during which Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones got whacked with a champagne bottle by a stripper named Sweet Pea. What's Lewis got to say about the whole situation? Pretty much what you'd… » 9/24/13 12:22pm 9/24/13 12:22pm

ESPN Turns To Ray Lewis For His Thoughts On Aaron Hernandez

New ESPN analyst Ray Lewis shared his thoughts on crime in the NFL and Aaron Hernandez. Is he qualified to talk about that stuff, though? » 9/08/13 12:43pm 9/08/13 12:43pm

Ray Lewis Still Not Making Any Sense

Ray Lewis thinks it was a conspiracy that turned the lights off at the Superdome during the Super Bowl last year. Lewis revealed his theory during filming for America's Game, an NFL Films series that discusses the previous Super Bowl with a few members of the winning team. This year, they spoke with Lewis, John… » 8/31/13 4:49pm 8/31/13 4:49pm

Joe Flacco Couldn't Understand A Damn Thing Ray Lewis Said

Nice little profile in ESPN The Mag of Joe Flacco, the defending Super Bowl MVP who can't get any respect. We'll have more on Flacco, but let's pull out one quote that's getting all the attention. » 8/23/13 2:28pm 8/23/13 2:28pm

Ray Lewis And Pharrell Team Up For A Mixtape Of Sorts

So this is weird. Pharrell Williams, who is perhaps the hottest producer in music right now, has teamed up with former NFL linebacker and full-time crazy person Ray Lewis to release a mixtape. It's not really a mixtape, though, it's just four minutes of Lewis's old locker room speeches backed by Pharrell beats. » 8/23/13 1:45pm 8/23/13 1:45pm

This Is How You Sign A Picture Of Ray Lewis Trying To Tackle You

This comes to us from reader Andrew, whose friend received this autographed photo from former Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Pete Mitchell. I doubt Mitchell signed too many autographs throughout his eight-year career, but it looks like when he did get the opportunity to do so, he made it count. » 5/24/13 10:35am 5/24/13 10:35am

Deer Antler Spray Panic: Vijay Singh Is Dumb, But He's Not A Doper

Vijay Singh admitted to using deer antler spray, a "supplement" containing the banned substance IGF-1. But deer antler spray is so ineffective at delivering IGF-1 that the PGA tour has decided not to punish him. This is almost more embarrassing for Singh: he may not be suspended, but he did get scammed. » 5/01/13 10:05am 5/01/13 10:05am

Read The Racist, Threatening Postcards Art Modell Received For…

Ravens owner Art Modell, who died last September at age 87, made lots of enemies when he moved the Browns to Baltimore. But Modell's FBI file, which was released by the bureau today, contains no death threats from Cleveland fans. Indeed, nothing in his career inspired menacing, racist, anti-semitic rage like Modell's… » 3/20/13 3:17pm 3/20/13 3:17pm

Bill Walton Made A Ray Lewis Limo Joke And Referenced Bill Simmons's…

Bill Walton's on-air behavior has been consistently weird this college basketball season, and that didn't change tonight as broadcasting's biggest Grateful Dead fan launched into numerous questionable tangents during ESPNU's Pac-12 tournament coverage of Washington-Oregon from Las Vegas. » 3/15/13 1:19am 3/15/13 1:19am

ESPN Hires Ray Lewis

We knew this back in January, and now it's official: Ray Lewis is heading to ESPN. He'll join Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, and Stuart Scott for Monday night pre-game and post-game analysis. It's a big hire for ESPN, which will soon have enough ex-NFLers to fill out an alumni-game two-deep. » 3/13/13 10:55am 3/13/13 10:55am

Map: Which Parts Of The Country Were Calling Ray Lewis A Murderer…

The map above shows the concentration of geolocated tweets sent during the Super Bowl that contained both the words "Lewis" and "murder." We were looking for references to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who in 2000 was charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of two men after an Atlanta Super Bowl party (he… » 2/07/13 10:30am 2/07/13 10:30am

Ravens Fans Storm M&T Bank Stadium After Super Bowl Parade

As we have come to learn, Baltimore was pretty fired up for the Ravens victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl 47. The zeitgeist continued Tuesday as most of Baltimore attended a victory parade and later spilled into M&T Bank Stadium for a rally. » 2/06/13 8:00pm 2/06/13 8:00pm

Watch Ray Lewis Lose The 1992 High School Wrestling State Championship

Hate Ray Lewis? Then the above video might make you feel a bit better about having to watch him end his career as a Super Bowl champion last night. In 1992, Lewis competed in the Florida 4A high school wrestling state championship, and he lost. » 2/04/13 2:35pm 2/04/13 2:35pm

Ray Lewis's Super Bowl Cleats: A Glittering Light In The Shadow Of The…

Ray Lewis will wear specially designed cleats for Super Bowl 47. They are Ray Lewis cleats through and through: sparkling gold overpowering Baltimore purple and a special Psalms 91 shout out. Proselytizing being the obvious goal of these shoes and, really, the entire purpose of our existence as a species, here is the… » 2/03/13 12:15pm 2/03/13 12:15pm

The Guy Who Says He Gave Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray Held A Crazy Press…

Mitch Ross (he's the one in the middle up there), owner of the supplement company S.W.A.T.S. and the guy who squealed to Sports Illustrated about giving Ray Lewis deer antler spray, showed up in New Orleans to have an impromptu press conference with a collection of football writers. Among other things, he wanted… » 2/01/13 4:10pm 2/01/13 4:10pm