David Price's Cartwheeling Home Run Trot Is What All Home Run Trots Should Be

Rays pitcher David Price knocked one into the right field seats during batting practice yesterday, and because pitchers in the American League don't get out much, he took advantage of the moment. We appreciate his cartwheels, his somersaults, and that gleeful flip of the bat, because even Little Leaguers think they… » 5/06/11 2:00pm 5/06/11 2:00pm

Suddenly, It's the Rays Staring Down Elimination

Things started off well for the Rays in Game Six; a little too well in fact. BJ Upton tied an AL record with his seventh long ball as he took Josh Beckett deep in the first inning, and it appeared for a moment as though Beckett's oblique injury might be Beantown's undoing. Not so. (Of course, most of us didn't see… » 10/19/08 12:23am 10/19/08 12:23am