The-Dream's Jewel EP Is Gonna Be Great

Man, R&B producer/singer/songwriter/legend Terius Nash, better known as The-Dream, is so, so good, even if his last full-length album, 2014’s IV Play, was not. But this year has brought us the old Radio Killa we know and love. Last month, he dropped the excellent six-song Crown EP; on July 10, he’ll follow that up… »5/14/15 3:52pm5/14/15 3:52pm


Black Messiah Transcends The Cult Of D'Angelo, But Just Barely

In light of all the hoopla surrounding the surprise mid-December release 0f D'Angelo's long-gestating new album, Black Messiah, it's a little strange that despite all the rhapsodic praise that quickly followed—it's classic, it's revolutionary, it's a miracle, etc.—curious agnostics can't seem to get the answer to… »12/31/14 11:47am12/31/14 11:47am