Phillies Minor Leaguer Stole A Home Run With This Incredible Catch

I've watched this video a lot. I don't want to say 100 times, but it's getting close and I'm still not really sure what happened here. In real time, it looks like Jiwan James of the Reading Phillies pulls off some sleight of hand act: his running, jumping, crashing catch has us all tracking the ball and following… »7/15/12 12:15pm7/15/12 12:15pm


The World's Craziest Home Run Derby Was A Rousing Success [UPDATE]

We gave you fair warning about the world's weirdest Home Run Derby a few days ago, the one with the on-field party, live entertainment, and trampoline in left field, among other attractions. Well, lest you think that was all just bluster and hype, here's a photo of Ryan Petzar of 97.3 ESPN Radio trying out the… »7/10/12 10:10pm7/10/12 10:10pm