Report: Five Big 12 Teams Considered Jumping To The Big Ten

Realignment was the wildest time in college football, but with the exception of the Big East, the power conferences all came through OK. But according to a report from the Omaha World-Herald, the Big 12 was nearly eviscerated in 2010, with five of its stronger programs sniffing around the greener pastures of the Big… »7/27/15 2:35pm7/27/15 2:35pm


The NHL Appears Ready For Radical Four-Conference Realignment

A year ago, the NHL introduced a major realignment plan. Gone were the six divisions, and two conferences. In were four geographic conference, with the winners of each thrown into a final four for the Stanley Cup. The Board of Governor's approved the plan, but it was essentially scuttled by the lockout. Citing… »2/25/13 3:25pm2/25/13 3:25pm

It Looks Like The Big East's Non-Football Schools Are Jumping Ship

ESPN is reporting that the Big East's seven non-football schools are planning to leave the conference, with an announcement coming within the next two days. The presidents of Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova, St. John's, Providence, Seton Hall, and DePaul met in New York on Sunday and had a teleconference with the Big… »12/13/12 1:30pm12/13/12 1:30pm

Maryland And Rutgers Are Joining The Big Ten Because They Have To

As expected, the Big Ten will now be 14. Maryland and Rutgers have let it be known they plan to abandon the ACC and the Big East, respectively, beginning in 2014. The motivation for all involved is plain: The Big Ten gets more of an East Coast footprint, and one that kinda-sorta touches the D.C. and New York markets… »11/19/12 4:10pm11/19/12 4:10pm

Here's West Virginia's Lawsuit Against The Big East, Which Is "No Longer A Viable And Competitive Football Conference"

On Friday, West Virginia announced that they're heading to the Big 12, which was a poorly kept secret. So poorly kept that the Big East has been preparing a lawsuit to force them to honor the terms of their agreement: that departing schools must stay in the conference for 27 months before leaving. Today, WVU beat them… »10/31/11 5:00pm10/31/11 5:00pm