What If There Were An NFL RedZone For Reality Show Brawls?

Ugly fights are the touchdowns of reality shows, and in this Saturday Night Live sketch, Rosé Zone knows that. The hypothetical channel that shows only "hot garbage" all the time would be so efficient for watching reality TV. No one cares about aspirations or feel-good moments; we want conflict, like seeing a drunk,… » 11/17/13 10:52am 11/17/13 10:52am

Like The Bachelor, But Somehow Dumber

Remember Mark Philippoussis? He was a vaguely douchey tennis "star" who dated Paris Hilton before it set your genitals on fire to date Paris Hilton. (This could be when she was nine.) Well, he has made the next logical jump in his "career;" He's appearing on a dating reality show. That NBC dating show in which old(er)… » 6/06/07 4:00pm 6/06/07 4:00pm