Chart: Peyton Manning Marches Towards The NFL Touchdown Record

Peyton Manning had 33 touchdowns through Week 9 this season, putting him on pace to throw 59 and crush Tom Brady's single-season mark. He slacked off with back-to-back "disappointing" performances against the Pats and Chiefs (in which he led the Broncos to six touchdowns but threw just three), but was back in form… » 12/05/13 1:26pm 12/05/13 1:26pm

At The End Of The First Quarter Last Night, Deron Williams Had Made…

A few mind-blowing stats from Deron Williams's record-setting shooting night, in which he hit nine threes in one half (the record) and 11 overall: At the end of the first quarter, he had hit 8/9 shots, and was 7/7 from downtown. The Wizards, at that point, were six of 24 from the field, and had missed all six of… » 3/09/13 9:30am 3/09/13 9:30am

D-III Player's 138 Point-Game Is A Sham Record And Shouldn't Be…

Jack Taylor, of the Grinnell College Pioneers, scored 138 points in a game last night, against Faith Baptist Bible College. It's a mindblowing number, shattering the old NCAA mark of 113, and it's being trumpeted as one of sports' all-time individual achievements. It is not. It is bullshit. It is just the latest… » 11/21/12 11:55am 11/21/12 11:55am

643 Rushing Yards And 10 Touchdowns Make For A Pretty Solid Birthday

What was your eighteenth birthday like? Mine was my first day of college: After four hours by car (we got lost), uncomfortable goodbyes, and eons of totally disorienting orientation activities, I went to a party and lost in beer pong, without hitting a cup, to two girls. I don't specifically recall how my teammate and… » 9/15/12 11:00am 9/15/12 11:00am

Pirates Prospect Starling Marte Made History With His First MLB Swing

On the first swing of his major league career, Pittsburgh's Starling Marte homered tonight to deep left-center field in Houston. He became the first Pirate in 51 years to homer in his first at-bat, as well as the 28th player in MLB history to homer on his first pitch. That ranks just behind perfect games (22), four-HR… » 7/26/12 11:05pm 7/26/12 11:05pm

Watch A High School Kicker Nail A 64-Yard Field Goal With Room To Spare

Austin Pacheco, a high school senior out of Carson City, Nev. who will probably be made very rich by an NFL contract in a few years, kicked a game-winning field goal on Friday night—from 64 yards and with room to spare. This is, if you recall, one yard longer than Sebastian Janikowski's record-tying 63-yard field… » 10/05/11 10:40am 10/05/11 10:40am

Retired Grandfather Crushes Matt Damon's Uncle In Old Person Swimming

Retired breast cancer surgeon and grandfather of three Roger Allsopp today became the oldest person to swim the English Channel. At 70 years and four months, Allsopp beat the 2004 Guinness record held by George Brunstad, who was a youngish 70 years and four days when he crossed the Channel and who also happens to be… » 8/31/11 2:15pm 8/31/11 2:15pm

The Tulsa Shock Might Not Even Be The Worst Team In The League This Year

The long-suffering Tulsa Shock are now suffering just a little bit less! Since we checked in with them on Friday—when they seemed on track to surpass the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers for the worst losing streak in NBA/WNBA history—the Shock have tripled their win count for the season. » 8/29/11 4:39pm 8/29/11 4:39pm