Meet The Girl Who Ate It After Interview About Running In The Snow

Yesterday, we brought you the unbelievable story of a runner falling in the snow immediately after giving an interview about the joys of running in the snow. It was 67 seconds of pure gold. We've since been in touch with Chelsea and she has graciously agreed to answer some questions. » 2/09/14 2:59pm 2/09/14 2:59pm

Inside The Mind Of A Real Runner

This week, in what will be a recurring feature of ill-defined frequency, I interview an honest-to-goodness Runner. Or at least a Runner as viewed through my hopelessly simplistic and insecure lens. We talk about how you should run (short answer: "a lot") and why (it's apparently a categorical imperative) and how… » 1/12/14 1:45pm 1/12/14 1:45pm