Can A Keeper Get A Red Card While Unconscious? One Player Investigates

If you add it up, Máximo Banguera of Barcelona SC spends nearly two minutes pretending to be dead to the world in between a late tackle on an Atlético Nacional player and when the ref finally shows him the red card he was obviously trying to avoid. » 3/12/15 6:43pm 3/12/15 6:43pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Sent Off For Kicking, Slapping Dudes

The world's top soccer player earned a straight red today at Córdoba after the referee caught him kicking and later slapping opponents late in Real Madrid's La Liga match. » 1/24/15 12:18pm 1/24/15 12:18pm

Can A Ref With No Red Card Send Someone Off? One Player Investigates

It's an interesting question, one that Guingamp's Benjamin Angoua tried valiantly to answer this weekend when, as the ref tried to show a red to a teammate, Angoua nipped and slapped at the card, hoping the ref would either listen to reason or get tired of trying to snatch the damn thing out of the air. » 9/29/14 12:36pm 9/29/14 12:36pm

Could A Simple New Rule Stop Refs From Ruining Big Soccer Games?

We're only a quarter of the way through this round of the Champions League, but by far the two best ties—Barcelona vs. Manchester City and Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal—are all but technically over. And while neither result is necessarily surprising, it's unfortunate that both matches turned on the controversial red… » 2/20/14 2:30pm 2/20/14 2:30pm

High School Soccer Player Is Very Sorry For Destroying Her Opponent…

"Sorry" doesn't put the teeth back in the jaw, or reset the broken nose. Still, it's a good start toward sportsmanship! The incident, from a Utah high school soccer game a couple weeks ago, managed to go viral when video of Petiola Manu going all Great Muta on Makenzie Clark's face made the local news. Now Manu… » 10/16/12 4:05pm 10/16/12 4:05pm