NASCAR Teams Beat Shit Out Of Each Other In Choreographed Mayhem

The Ten Most Redneckiest Motorsports

On one end of the motorsport scale is Formula One. On the other is a lot of cheap beer. It looks like the cheap beer side is winning. » 8/02/13 11:06am 8/02/13 11:06am

Sweden Has Rednecks Who Drift Tractors On Rally Courses

This is presumably a Michelin promo video for this weekend's Rally Sweden WRC event in Värmland, but for whatever reason there's video interspersed of a side event which features people drifting their farm tractors. I've never seen this before, and I come from farm country where it snows a whole lot. Maybe we just… » 2/11/12 6:00pm 2/11/12 6:00pm

Jeff Francoeur Enticed Jonathan Broxton By Taking Him Hunting At Jeff…

We brought you the preliminary details of this courtship in HOTFUCKINGSTOVE yesterday, but we buried the lead. Jeff Francoeur didn't just lure fatass reclamation project du jour Jonathan Broxton to the Kansas City Royals by taking him on a bow-hunting trip. Francoeur lured Broxton by taking him on a bow-hunting trip… » 11/30/11 10:55am 11/30/11 10:55am

A Hank Williams Jr. Discussion Turned ESPN's OTL Into The Morton Downey…

I mean, I think this conversation was about Hank Williams Jr. It was less than a minute old when Paul Finebaum, an Alabama radio personality, said Dave Zirin had uttered the "single stupidest [statement] [he's] ever heard in the history of this program." After that, Bomani Jones made some hilarious faces as the… » 10/06/11 5:46pm 10/06/11 5:46pm

Last Night Some Florida Lady Tried To Beat Up Her Girlfriend With A…

Young love is never as pretty as they make it look on television, in your 90210 or Friday Night Lights. Instead of runny mascara, the young ladies of Bradenton, Florida have given us strap-on violence. » 8/16/11 11:30pm 8/16/11 11:30pm

If You Didn't Watch The 15th Annual Summer Redneck Games On Saturday,…

The 15th annual Summer Redneck Games happened on Saturday, in East Dublin, Georgia, and we weren't there. This we regret. Thankfully the Macon Telegraph did attend. » 7/12/11 2:55pm 7/12/11 2:55pm

God, these people are so delightful. We're going next year.

Pot, Kettle Continue Historic Feud

Austin American-Statesman columnist (and assumed Longhorn fan) John Kelso breaks out his redneck joke book to preemptively needle Alabama fans. Tough talk from a state that lets steers vote. [Statesman/Huntsville Times] » 1/07/10 12:10pm 1/07/10 12:10pm

Look, Cretins Have Learned HTML

We'll probably get yelled at for even linking to this, but we were so shocked by it that we decided to share our bemused outrage with you. We know all about the weird pseudo-racist underbelly of the Interweb, so we suppose it was just a matter of time until it made its way into sports. We, with much inner conflict,… » 10/14/05 5:22pm 10/14/05 5:22pm