Andrew McCutchen Gets Hit By A 101 M.P.H. Fastball, Shows Us What A Badass He Is

We've previously alerted you to the greatness of Andrew McCutchen, and last night he made us swoon once again. Even though his team lost 3-0 in the opening game of a series against the Cincinnati Reds, McCutchen gave us the highlight of the game when he took an Aroldis Chapman fireball square on the arm, and then… »8/04/12 4:45pm8/04/12 4:45pm


Pete Rose Gets His Own Reality Show, Promises It Won't Be "Classless"

For anyone who doesn't actually remember seeing Pete Rose play or what his star was like before he completely threw it away by gambling on baseball, all they're going to remember of him was that he was some guy who autographed baseballs with weird inscriptions, got caught using a corked bat 25 years after the fact,… »7/18/12 12:42am7/18/12 12:42am

Tony La Russa Explains Decision Not To Put Johnny Cueto On All-Star Team By Admitting To Violating MLB CBA

Uh oh, we got ourselves a scandal, or something. Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker and former St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa have never been especially fond of each other. Their relationship got even testier over the weekend when La Russa, who was in charge of making final selections for the National… »7/02/12 4:48pm7/02/12 4:48pm