The New UFC-Reebok Deal Is Screwing Fighters Out Of So Much Money

Last December, Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that it had signed a six-year, $70 millon deal that would allow Reebok to be the exclusive outfitter of the UFC. Starting in July, all UFC fighters will wear Reebok uniforms and training apparel, and no other sponsors will be allowed to advertise with the… »5/13/15 4:40pm5/13/15 4:40pm

Today In Getting To Know The Kings: Reebok Offers An "Alex Kopitar" Shirt

This hockey thing's new; we get it. But despite the team's best efforts, we're still not all on the same page. Take this Reebok "Stanley Cup Finals Alex Kopitar" t-shirt, now available in the shop. (He's also "Alex" at other outlets offering the same shirt, so this is a Reebok problem, not an NHL one.) »5/24/12 1:40pm5/24/12 1:40pm

Nike Wins: Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys Are Now Illegal

Yesterday, Nike filed a lawsuit against Reebok, demanding they cease selling the Tim Tebow Jets jerseys they had rushed into production after Tebow was traded to New York. Last night a judge granted Nike a temporary restraining order, meaning you cannot legally buy a Tim Tebow Jets jersey anywhere right now, and will… »3/29/12 10:15am3/29/12 10:15am

Nike Sues Reebok Over Controversial Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys

Late yesterday, Nike Inc. filed suit against Reebok and parent company Adidas over what it claims is the unlicensed selling of Jets uniforms bearing Tim Tebow's name and number. The full lawsuit is below, but the Cliffs Notes version is this: the league's most popular player (and jersey seller) changed teams during a… »3/28/12 11:50am3/28/12 11:50am