UFC Gets A Reebok Deal, Possibly No Longer Aesthetically Destitute

The UFC just got in bed with Reebok, and in doing so, threw out a load of its old sponsors. It's the sort deal a grown-up company makes, and also the sort of deal that reminds you that the UFC has some growing up left to do. » 12/02/14 5:03pm 12/02/14 5:03pm

​The Best Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

Can adding springs—polycarbonate or rubber—to the soles of running shoes help you run faster? We tested three new shoes from Adidas, Reebok and new Swiss brand On Running to find out. Surprisingly, the answer was a pretty definitive yes. » 8/28/14 4:42pm 8/28/14 4:42pm

The Vikings Considered Black Uniforms

We are fans of unrealized uniform concepts (even if they are teal monstrosities). So we're excited that Paul Lukas at Uni Watch has gotten his hands on two sets of prototype designs for the Minnesota Vikings, made by Reebok in 2003. » 7/15/14 12:09pm 7/15/14 12:09pm

The Most Brilliant Thing You'll Hear All Day

I'm not going to explain this one, because I have faith in you. But I will say that you have to listen to the whole thing, and follow along with the subtitles. » 5/01/14 4:11pm 5/01/14 4:11pm

Today In Getting To Know The Kings: Reebok Offers An "Alex Kopitar"…

This hockey thing's new; we get it. But despite the team's best efforts, we're still not all on the same page. Take this Reebok "Stanley Cup Finals Alex Kopitar" t-shirt, now available in the NHL.com shop. (He's also "Alex" at other outlets offering the same shirt, so this is a Reebok problem, not an NHL one.) » 5/24/12 1:40pm 5/24/12 1:40pm

Nike Wins: Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys Are Now Illegal

Yesterday, Nike filed a lawsuit against Reebok, demanding they cease selling the Tim Tebow Jets jerseys they had rushed into production after Tebow was traded to New York. Last night a judge granted Nike a temporary restraining order, meaning you cannot legally buy a Tim Tebow Jets jersey anywhere right now, and will… » 3/29/12 10:15am 3/29/12 10:15am

Nike Sues Reebok Over Controversial Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys

Late yesterday, Nike Inc. filed suit against Reebok and parent company Adidas over what it claims is the unlicensed selling of Jets uniforms bearing Tim Tebow's name and number. The full lawsuit is below, but the Cliffs Notes version is this: the league's most popular player (and jersey seller) changed teams during a… » 3/28/12 11:50am 3/28/12 11:50am

Is Erin Andrews' Reebok Endorsement Deal Journalistically Unethical?

Two weeks before Reebok signed ESPN's Erin Andrews to pitch the ZigTech line, she reported "Texas Christian players were slipping in their new Nike cleats during the Rose Bowl." Now, according to the New York Times ... » 1/29/11 4:30pm 1/29/11 4:30pm

Reebok Gives Shoe Contracts First, Asks Questions Later

Reebok belatedly discovers that they gave a shoe contract to a white guy with an "Air Jordan" tattoo on his leg. To be fair, it was Marcin Gortat, and no one wanted to look that closely. [Skeets] » 6/10/09 10:30am 6/10/09 10:30am

New Miracle Bat Probably Illegal In This Solar System

Reebok's new Vector-O baseball bat uses special alloys (adamantium?) and speed holes to help you make the cover of Sports Illustrated for your Hulk-like home run blasts. Also doubles as a harmonica. [Uncrate] » 6/09/09 12:45pm 6/09/09 12:45pm

Ballin' With Kool-Aid Man

OK, not only am I buying a pair of these shoes in every flavor, but I've got this poster up in my living room right now. That f###ing Turtle from Entourage better stay outta my way when Reebok debuts their new Kool-Aid athletic shoes in stores tomorrow, that's all I'm saying. Coaches may have told you that your… » 1/31/08 4:10pm 1/31/08 4:10pm