Reeves Nelson Files Defamation Suit Over Sports Illustrated's UCLA Story

SI's big UCLA expose came...and went. George Dohrmann (who won a Pulitzer for his coverage of academic fraud at Minnesota, a real scandal) painted a picture of a dysfunctional Bruins program, but there wasn't any there there. It didn't slow UCLA: they completed their recruitment of the best prep player in the nation,… »5/23/12 3:35pm5/23/12 3:35pm


Reeves Nelson Lawyers Up, Demands Retraction From Sports Illustrated

This morning, Sports Illustrated published a lengthy and unflinching takedown of the UCLA basketball team under Ben Howland. But whereas Howland comes across as overwhelmed and ineffective, the undisputed villain of the piece is Reeves Nelson. Writer George Dohrmann goes through a litany of incidents involving Nelson,… »2/29/12 11:10pm2/29/12 11:10pm

Breaking Down SI's UCLA Exposé To Its Underwhelming Core

George Dohrmann's investigation into the fallow years of Ben Howland's UCLA tenure dropped in Sports Illustrated today, and it desperately wants to be a cautionary tale. It wants you to make the connection—even if it can never quite do so itself—that the undisciplined and troublesome recruiting classes brought in… »2/29/12 12:25pm2/29/12 12:25pm