NFL Ref Refused To Work Washington Games Because Of Racist Name

Mike Carey was an NFL referee for 19 seasons before joining CBS to act as the network's rules analyst during NFL broadcasts. On Monday, Carey told the Washington Post's Mike Wise that he hasn't worked a Washington game since 2006, after specifically requesting that he not be assigned to their games because of the… »8/20/14 12:09pm8/20/14 12:09pm

Woman Referees New Orleans Saints Practice Scrimmage...Four Horsemen Seen Trotting Nearby

There were the usual complaints: She's blowing her whistle too suggestively, the shorts show too much skin and yet not enough skin, why can I see her panty-line, she should wear a thong, the ref stripes make it impossible to see whether she'd look good topless, you know, the same old sturm und drang that Ed Hochuli… »8/05/08 11:30am8/05/08 11:30am