Ed Hochuli Makes Mysterious Reference To "Jungle Boy"

Early in the second half of tonight's NFL playoff game between Arizona and Carolina, referee Ed Hochuli announced something bizarre to the Bank of America Stadium crowd: "I got the word from Jungle Boy that was a good call." » 1/03/15 7:34pm 1/03/15 7:34pm

SEC Referee's Day Is Off To A Bad Start

SEC referee Ken Williamson started his day in charge of the Texas A & M-Mississippi State game with disorientation followed by somewhat frightening rage. Simmer down, Kenny! » 10/04/14 12:19pm 10/04/14 12:19pm

Former Ref Says He Had 15-16 Death Threats After Controversial Call

Bill Carollo, who was an NFL referee for nearly 20 years, said he received death threats and over 200 phone calls to his unlisted home phone number after a controversial call at the end of the 1999 NFC Championship. » 2/02/14 10:09am 2/02/14 10:09am

Coach Ejected And Suspended For Title Game After Late Hit On His Player

Ensworth (TN) was up 21-12 with two seconds to go in its state semifinal matchup against Brentwood Academy when Brentwood's Derek Barnett—committed to play at Tennessee next year—hit an Ensworth player well out of bounds. It was a clearly cheap and late hit and tempers flared. The referees ended the game right there… » 11/23/13 2:25pm 11/23/13 2:25pm

Joey Crawford Tried To Intimidate A Mop Boy

Someday, perhaps when he's retired and no longer patrolling NBA courts, Joey Crawford will probably calm the hell down and stop being such a dick. Today is not that day. » 11/13/13 12:22pm 11/13/13 12:22pm

This Is One Of The Worst Blown Calls You'll Ever See In A Football Game

Here's a clip from last night's Ohio-Buffalo game, in which one of the referees completely craps the bed on an intentional grounding call. » 11/06/13 12:15pm 11/06/13 12:15pm

This Week In Soccer Fisticuffs: Players And Referees Throw Punches

A referee punched a player in Kuwait and a high school player here in the States punched a ref; it's been a busy week here at the People-Punching-Each-Other-While-Playing-Soccer Desk. Let's get down to business. » 10/28/13 10:17pm 10/28/13 10:17pm

College Football Referee Stops Game To Tell Band To Shut Up

Middle Tennessee State scored on the final play to win a 51-49 shootout last night against Marshall. But the game's best highlight came in the second quarter, when the ref took a moment to threaten the MTSU band with a noise violation. Stupid rules. » 10/25/13 6:16pm 10/25/13 6:16pm

Referees Arrested In Middle Of Football Game

That is referees with an "s," two of 'em. The two refs, who were officiating the Mandeville-St. Paul's (high school) game last night in Louisiana, were arrested on public intimidation charges after allegedly threatening police officers in charge of crowd control. » 10/12/13 9:20am 10/12/13 9:20am

Refs Botched Last Night's UConn-Marquette Overtime, Had Teams Shoot At…

Officials mutilated the start of an overtime period last night in Milwaukee, casting doubt on the outcome of what would eventually be a 82-76 Marquette victory over UConn and tarnishing the already-black reputation of referee Karl Hess. » 1/02/13 11:00am 1/02/13 11:00am

The Sun Bowl Officiating Crew Botched A Missed Field Goal Call And It…

The Sun Bowl is scoreless midway through the first quarter, though if it were up to the bowl's Big Ten officiating crew, it would be a bit different. That's because they attempted to call a field goal attempt by USC's Andre Heidari good, even though it was obvious to viewers and everybody in the stadium the kick… » 12/31/12 2:50pm 12/31/12 2:50pm

Here Are The 21 Worst Replacement Referee Mistakes From Sunday

Despite management-friendly scribes swearing to the contrary, the NFL's replacement officials made some enormous errors yesterday—some of which affected the outcome of games and at least one that directly led to a starting quarterback being knocked out of the game. That's not to mention losing track of time outs,… » 9/10/12 3:35pm 9/10/12 3:35pm

Today It Was Florida State That Avoided An Upset Thanks To The Refs

Another day, another blown call that changed a game's outcome in Nashville as third-seeded Florida State escaped with a win over St. Bonaventure due to referees missing this violation (hint: when inbounding the ball you have to stay out of bounds) that would have handed the Bonnies the ball under their basket and a… » 3/16/12 5:46pm 3/16/12 5:46pm

ACC Referee Told N.C. State Head Coach Mark Gottfried To Shut His…

Yesterday's ACC final between N.C. State and North Carolina was just a typical game for N.C. State in the ACC—oozing with controversy. N.C. State, you will recall, is the alma mater to Tom Gugliotta. Googs, of course, was unceremoniously kicked out of a game by ACC official Karl Hess little more than a month ago. » 3/11/12 12:30pm 3/11/12 12:30pm

Here's The Ludicrous Blown Call In Today's AC Milan-Juventus Match

In a call that reminded many viewers of England-Germany in the 2010 World Cup, AC Milan's Sulley Muntari was deprived of a goal and Milan of a wider lead over Juventus when this clear goal was declared to be, by officials.. no goal. » 2/25/12 3:34pm 2/25/12 3:34pm

Former NBA Star Tom Gugliotta Ejected From Game He Was Watching From…

Retired NBA star Tom Gugliotta was ejected by referee Karl Hess in the second half of of North Carolina State's home loss to Florida State today. » 2/18/12 3:42pm 2/18/12 3:42pm

Syracuse Holds Off West Virginia Thanks To A Blown Goaltending Call

Syracuse avoided overtime and stayed atop the Big East with the help of referees in locking up a 63-61 win this afternoon over West Virginia. » 1/28/12 3:14pm 1/28/12 3:14pm

After Further Review, Referees Still Likely Blew A Pivotal Extra Point…

Syracuse vs. Toledo. Late fourth quarter. Syracuse scores a touchdown and converts the extra point. Only, they didn't convert the extra point. But the refs said they did even after a review. » 9/24/11 7:15pm 9/24/11 7:15pm