Report: Bad Call At End Of Patriots-Bills Game Was Because Official Forgot He Wasn't In College

The inadvertent whistle is justly getting most of the attention, but the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills was a terrible game all around for the zebras. And the Boston Globe has a source in the referees’ union who blames the blown call on the final play of the game on an official who mixed up a college rule with an… »Tuesday 1:09pm11/24/15 1:09pm


What's Wrong With NFL Officiating?

It’s getting exhausting emerging from each weekend with our choice of questionable and downright bad refereeing decisions to analyze, but it feels unavoidable these days. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if it’s real, but NFL officiating feels as bad this season as it’s ever been. Last night’s 20-13 Patriots… »Tuesday 9:26am11/24/15 9:26am

Virginia Tech Player Hits Ref In Frustration After Penalty Call

Today is Frank Beamer’s last home game for Virginia Tech, but #17 North Carolina is just now starting to pull away in the fourth quarter. Earlier in the game VT DE Dadi Nicolas was frustrated with an offside call made against him, and in his frustration, he hit the arm of referee Ron Cherry, earning himself another… »11/21/15 3:01pm11/21/15 3:01pm

Shit-Talking Commentator Gets A Red Card

You don’t really need a translation of these commentators’ remarks to understand why the referee in a Costa Rican second division match jogged over to the sideline and kicked one of them out. The audible exasperation with which they use words like “malísimo,” “terrible,” and “ridículo” makes it all pretty easy to… »11/18/15 6:17pm11/18/15 6:17pm

Undefeated Michigan State Beaten By Officials As Apparent Blown Call Hands Game To Nebraska

Michigan State’s undefeated season is no more after officials awarded a game-winning touchdown to Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly despite the fact the Cornhuskers receiver appeared to go out of bounds on his own before re-entering the field to catch the pass with just seconds remaining in Lincoln. »11/07/15 10:50pm11/07/15 10:50pm

Local Committee Backs Gun-Wielding Ref, Say Shit's Real In The Field

Gabriel Murta, the intrepid Brazilian referee who saw fit to break out the strap in order to deal with some violent players, is being defended by the local referee governing body. They explain that while bringing a piece to the pitch may seem extreme, refereeing in Brazil’s lower levels is often so wild that pulling… »10/01/15 9:53am10/01/15 9:53am

Ed Hochuli Denies Telling Cam Newton He Isn't "Old Enough" To Get A Call

Cam Newton was upset about a borderline-late hit that went uncalled in Carolina’s 27-22 win over New Orleans, and he was even more upset by what he said was referee Ed Hochuli’s explanation: “He said, ‘Cam, you’re not old enough to get that call.’” Hochuli denies it, and if you can read lips, you can decide for… »9/29/15 9:08am9/29/15 9:08am

Another High School Football Player Targets A Referee

High school football is in desperate need of some chill right now. Just this month we’ve seen two Texas high school football players light up a referee who supposedly said racist things to them, another player from Texas shove an official, and a kid use his opponent’s helmet as a mace. Now, we have another case of a… »9/23/15 12:01pm9/23/15 12:01pm