Ref Goes Down With Injury; Soccer Player Uses Spray To Outline His Body

Hartlepool played Oxford United yesterday in England's League 2, which is not great. Midway through the second half, referee Patrick Miller collapsed, clutching his knee with what appeared to be a serious injury. Not great, either. What is great, though, is what happened next as Miller writhed on the ground in agony. »3/20/15 1:24pm3/20/15 1:24pm

Study: Napoleon Complex Is Real; Shorter NBA Refs Call More Fouls

A new study in the Journal of Sports Economics finds that shorter NBA refs may call more fouls, in an excellent manifestation of the Napoleon Complex. Paul Gift and Ryan Rodenberg looked at 4,463 regular season games from 2008 to 2012, and—controlling for variables like race and experience*—found a relationship… »6/09/14 2:20pm6/09/14 2:20pm

Tip-In Or Not, The Nixed FGCU Miracle Bucket Was Shot In Time

College basketball has determined that three-tenths of a second, while a barely blinkable unit of time, is enough to tap in a legal shot. It is not, however, enough time to shoot a basketball if the player touches it with a second hand — at least, that seems to be the definition of a non-tap shot (called a "throw" in… »12/18/13 7:47pm12/18/13 7:47pm

Ahmad Brooks Says His Flag For Hitting Drew Brees Was "Bullshit"

With the Saints driving, down three, with just over three minutes left, Ahmad Brooks sacked Drew Brees and forced a fumble that was recovered by Patrick Willis. "It was almost like Christmas early," Willis said. Well, Christmas was canceled. Officials called Brooks for a personal foul, which swung the game. Brooks… »11/18/13 10:00am11/18/13 10:00am

The Art Of Screwing Up: How NCAA Refs Live With Their Mistakes

In the second round of the 2012 NCAA tournament, 16th-seeded UNC-Asheville trailed top-seeded Syracuse by three points with 38.2 seconds remaining, Orange inbounding the ball. This was a big moment for the Bulldogs, and it would prove to be a big moment, too, for a man whose name and face you wouldn't even recognize.… »4/08/13 3:45pm4/08/13 3:45pm

Hockey Coach Uses Glasses And Cane To Mock "Blind" Referee, Gets Ejected

Sometimes I think junior hockey exists to give the smaller, underserved cold-weather markets a local team to call their own. But then I realize, no, it exists mostly to populate the internet with video of line brawls, weird promotions, and coaching meltdowns. This comes from a game Saturday between the NAHL's… »1/28/13 9:35am1/28/13 9:35am

UK-Vandy Refs Blow Shot Clock Violation Call, Hand Game To Kentucky, Baffle And Confuse A Senile-Sounding Bob Knight

Poor officiating continues to be the story of this college basketball season, as SEC refs swallowed the whistle on a clear Kentucky shot clock violation late in the Wildcats' bout against Vanderbilt in Nashville tonight and allowed UK to march home to Lexington with a 60-58 win. »1/10/13 11:33pm1/10/13 11:33pm

Amir Johnson Took 3.5 Seconds Between Dribbles, And Did Not Get Called For A Double Dribble

It's sort of inexplicable how Toronto's Amir Johnson was able to get away with this. He takes the pass, dribbles to just outside the lane, picks up his dribble, pump fakes, pump fakes, and drives for a short jumper. By the game clock, it took him nearly four full seconds between putting the ball on the floor, and he… »1/03/13 1:45pm1/03/13 1:45pm

NBA Ref Joey Crawford Made A Terrible Foul Call, Celebrated It With A Ridiculous Dance

Our friends over at With Leather once called referee Joey Crawford "the worst thing about the NBA." It's hard to argue with them after seeing his latest stunt. After a night of showboating in the Pacers-Lakers game tonight, he capped off his performance with a questionable blocking call—one that probably cost L.A.… »11/28/12 1:30am11/28/12 1:30am