The Moving Finger Writes: Red Smith On Reggie Jackson's Historic Homers

Red Smith is the most respected sports columnist we've ever had. In his prime, Jimmy Cannon, Smith's friendly rival, was certainly as well-known. Cannon, the Voice of New York, was an emotional, colloquial writer whose reputation, unfortunately, has faded. But Smith endures. What is it about his writing that ages so…

The Best Picture I Ever Took At A Sporting Event: Spike Lee, Reggie Jackson And Val Kilmer Chat In (Old) Yankee Stadium

What you see here is Spike Lee interviewing Reggie Jackson in the right field upper deck of old Yankee Stadium. That's Val Kilmer there in the foreground, too, for some reason. I took this picture a few hours before the final game played at the old Yankee Stadium on September 21, 2008. It was a weird scene.

Reggie Jackson Once Hit Three Home Runs In One Game, Does Not Want Anyone In The Hall Of Fame

Sports Illustrated recently had a nice long piece on Reggie Jackson. We learn from Jackson that he is not cocky or attention seeking—in the same paragraph we learn that he told Phil Taylor to meet him at a "building he owns, where he keeps a fleet of vintage automobiles on the ground floor" and in the same article he…