Introducing: The Shabazz Assist 

Two years ago, Grantland's Kirk Goldsberry introduced the Kobe Assist, a new statistic that "proves that missing shots is sometimes just as valuable as making them." Goldsberry's analysis was interesting, but it left out a key component: the dunkpass. You see, Goldsberry examined what percentage of a player's missed… » 1/07/15 11:29pm 1/07/15 11:29pm

Deadspin's Johnny Manziel Obsession, Visualized

Both the ESPN and NFL Network draft broadcasts Deadspin and Regressing blogrolls were Johnny Football-obsessed tonight last night, but the Worldwide Leader and everyone around here was especially interested in the Heisman-winning Texan. Led by a drooling Jon Gruden a drooling Samer Kalaf and Tim Burke, ESPN Deadspin… » 5/09/14 12:12pm 5/09/14 12:12pm

How An Achilles Tear Affects NBA Players (Or, Why Kobe Is Screwed)

The Lakers season begins tonight with their home opener against the Clippers, but Kobe Bryant won't be playing. Bryant tore his Achilles tendon on April 12, and while he's still "ahead of schedule" in his six-to-nine-month recovery, he still hasn't begun running. He will miss at least the first several weeks of the… » 10/29/13 8:57am 10/29/13 8:57am

Reminder: Betting On Big NFL Favorites Is Always Dumb

The Broncos didn't cover their preposterous -28 (-27 at kickoff) spread. Of course they didn't. Because big NFL favorites usually don't cover. » 10/13/13 8:05pm 10/13/13 8:05pm

What's More Improbable: The Jaguars' +28 Line Or An 11-Inch Penis?

The murmurs began last week, before the Broncos put up 51 points against the Cowboys and the Jaguars lost second-overall pick Luke Joeckel to injury. And when the dust of Week 5 had settled, sure enough, the betting line for Jaguars at Broncos was set at 28 points, which is a lot. » 10/07/13 5:15pm 10/07/13 5:15pm

Infographics: Every NFL Offense's Production, Visualized By Position

Instinctively, you know every team has strengths and weaknesses. You see it in the box scores and the advanced metrics, but when the teams line up, a shitty running back doesn't look impossibly different from Adrian Peterson. So, here's a visual aid. Every NFL offense, visualized by how each of the main offensive… » 10/04/13 3:48pm 10/04/13 3:48pm

​Because Smart Shouldn't Be Stupid, We'll Be Regressing

Science lies at the heart of nearly every sports story of any consequence—the mysteries of brain damage, the seasonal hysterias over performance-enhancing drugs, the progression of sports analytics from the interstices of the common box score to the movement of the human body, the number of non-alcoholic beers it… » 10/03/13 2:10pm 10/03/13 2:10pm

What If The NBA And MLB Played An NFL-Style Season?

A big part of the NFL's appeal is all that "any given Sunday" stuff—a team like the Chiefs can come out of nowhere and look like world-beaters, while a team like the Giants can spend the first quarter of the season playing like the last reel of Horse Feathers. A lot of this uncertainty can be attributed to sample… » 10/03/13 1:30pm 10/03/13 1:30pm

Are Thursday NFL Games Actually As Terrible As They Seem?

It's conventional wisdom that the Thursday night NFL games, whether because of the short break or the quality of the teams involved, are crap. The conventional wisdom's not always right. Over at Sports on Earth, Aaron Gordon dove into 13 years' worth of games to puzzle out the truth. » 9/26/13 12:09pm 9/26/13 12:09pm

Who Is The Most Pompous Sports Pundit? A Scientific Investigation

Of all the stupid rhetorical plays columnists use—issuing thundering imperatives, positioning their banal opinions as the exact midpoints between varieties of unyielding madness, championing their cronies' worthless businesses as examples of the disciplinary power of markets, etc. etc.—the funniest are always the ones… » 9/25/13 3:40pm 9/25/13 3:40pm

Study: NFL Teams Have No Idea What They're Doing In The Draft

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer profiles Cade Massey, a professor at Penn's Wharton School of business. Already with a study under his belt arguing that the conventional wisdom of the Draft Value Chart is all wrong, Massey was contracted by an unnamed NFL team to study the history of the draft for market… » 9/24/13 4:00pm 9/24/13 4:00pm

Brandon Marshall Is Better Than Drew Brees, And Other Fantasy Truths

Fantasy football may not have all the blood and sweat and violence and trauma of the game as it's played on the field, but there's at least one way in which it's just like the real thing: as John Madden put it, "usually the team that scores the most points wins." How you get those points may be very different—as… » 9/03/13 4:33pm 9/03/13 4:33pm

Measuring The Ridiculous Physics Of Disney's Hercules

Two years ago, our friends at the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective applied their usual rigorous statistical scrutiny to a series of basketball movies. We pick up the idea again with this analysis of Hercules, by Anthony Zonfrelli and Dmitri Ilushin. » 7/19/13 4:39pm 7/19/13 4:39pm

Where Do Singers Screw Up The National Anthem?

Earlier this month, before the first game of the Canadian Hockey League's Memorial Cup, singer Alexis Normand joined a long list of people who have brutalized the U.S. national anthem in front of a large, tense crowd. » 5/27/13 12:00pm 5/27/13 12:00pm

The Ravens Won The "Fuck" Bowl, Too: An Analysis Of Twitter Profanity…

Twitter reports that the Super Bowl generated 24 million tweets last night. Most of them were terrible, so I just looked at the ones that said "fuck." » 2/04/13 6:25pm 2/04/13 6:25pm

Who Is America's Favorite NFL Team? Facebook Data Offer A Clear Winner.

You've seen Facebook's map of geographic NFL fandom. Our clever friends at the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective dig deeper into the data to discover America's most popular football teams. » 2/01/13 1:45pm 2/01/13 1:45pm

NFL 2012: Which Teams Actually Had Injuries, And Which Teams Just Lied?

Football injuries are random but inevitable. Every year, some teams will spend the season in an MRI machine, and others will end up pretty much unharmed (outside of thousands of micro-concussions). Just as predictably, some coaches will try to obfuscate their team's health to screw with their opponents' game plans,… » 1/17/13 10:30am 1/17/13 10:30am

A Vote For Roger Clemens Was A Vote For Barry Bonds: The Politics Of…

Hall of fame ballots follow their own own internal logic. For instance, regardless of how they feel about steroids, almost all voters agree with both or neither of the following statements: » 1/09/13 4:30pm 1/09/13 4:30pm