Rob Ford: Rehab Is "Amazing," Like "Washington Redskins Camp"

Following reports last week that he starred in a second crack cocaine video, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is, according to Rob Ford, now in rehab. And he's having a blast. "Rehab is amazing," he told the Toronto Sun. "It reminds me of football camp. Kind of like the Washington Redskins camp I went to as a kid." »5/07/14 9:58am5/07/14 9:58am

MLB Drug Testing Drives One Prospect From Marijuana To Alcohol

The AP has a story about top Astros prospect Jon Singleton, the point of which seems to be to leave readers feeling inspired by Singleton's journey from being a marijuana-addicted and troubled youngster to clean-living prospect knocking on the door of the big leagues. And I suppose it is that kind of story, if you… »3/03/14 6:34pm3/03/14 6:34pm

I Wore a Bionic Leg, And I Never Wanted To Take It Off Again

Say you've just had ACL surgery. Or you're recovering from a bad break. Or, worse, you suffer a stroke, or MS, or spinal or neurological damage. Regaining the power to walk is one of the toughest things you can do, and it may be impossible without a crutch, rail, or physical therapist to lean on. The AlterG Bionic… »7/10/13 4:03pm7/10/13 4:03pm