The Power of Symbols: Why People Still Defend The Confederate Flag

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham joined Governor Nikki Haley Monday in calling for the removal of the state capitol’s Confederate flag. They join the growing throng of voices demanding the flag be taken down in the wake of last week’s killings in Charleston. The cases that these voices have presented are… » 6/23/15 10:44pm 6/23/15 10:44pm

This Is What Pioneers Wear

The runner in the photo above with very little skin showing is Fatma El Sharnouby, representing Egypt at the World Cross Country Meet, held March 28, 2015, in Guiyang, China. She was Egypt's only entrant in the junior women's race, and was 95th out of 97 finishers. El Sharnouby's IAAF profile lists one previous mark,… » 4/08/15 6:01pm 4/08/15 6:01pm

How Dinesh D'Souza Damaged My Faith

So conservative superstar Dinesh D'Souza recently went on Hannity and insisted that opposition to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act "is a selective attack on Christianity," which might surprise those of you who thought it was simply about denying gay people the right to have Gay Pizza Weddings. As he… » 4/08/15 4:16pm 4/08/15 4:16pm

They're Gonna Crucify Me: A Heathen's Guide To Easter

Life gets more complicated and demanding as you become an adult. Children are not expected to know much of anything—or to understand the meaning and significance of stuff, or to buy their own beer—so long as they interact with the world sweetly and cutely, and from time to time throw in an unprompted I wuv you… » 4/03/15 12:55pm 4/03/15 12:55pm

How To Talk About God, And Your Wedding, With Your Future In-Laws

This past June, I got married. It was one of the best days of my life, and I hope to never have to experience it again. As anyone who has been through one knows, weddings are a deeply magical experience festooned with deeply unmagical questions: inside or outside? Who pays for what? Is beet salad an "appropriate"… » 2/05/15 2:13pm 2/05/15 2:13pm

No, Iran Is Not An Apocalyptic Nuclear Cult

Yesterday, negotiations over Iran's nuclear program failed to meet the deadline. Talks have been extended, but already an emerging chorus of "I told you so" says that it's pointless to negotiate with a fanatical religious regime that views nuclear war as holy martyrdom. It's time to put this myth to rest. » 11/25/14 3:42pm 11/25/14 3:42pm

Survey: 1 In 3 Football Fans Have Asked God To Help Their Team Win

The Public Religion Research Institute has released the results of its latest survey, one that examines the intersection between sports fandom and supernatural belief. It indicates that a significant minority of Americans think God will decide whether the Seahawks or Broncos win next Sunday. » 1/24/14 11:12am 1/24/14 11:12am

The 9 most baffling passages in the Bible, and what they really mean

The Bible has been called an historical document, a guidebook for moral living, and a work of fiction. No matter how you view it, there is no question that certain parts are confusing. We'll take a look at the possible meanings of the nine strangest passages in the Bible. » 12/12/13 1:44pm 12/12/13 1:44pm

Concerned Mom: Slutty Girls' Selfies Are Tempting My Perfect Sons

Kimberly Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry at a Presbyterian Church in Texas, has a message for teenage girls who take bedtime selfies in their pajamas: stop luring her teenage sons into sin. Why would you devil harlots want to control the Hall boys' minds? Are you whores and witches? She outlines her urgent plea in… » 9/04/13 2:15pm 9/04/13 2:15pm

Former Packer Supports Jason Collins, Gets Church Appearance Cancelled

Leroy Butler, the former Packers safety who played 12 seasons in Green Bay, was set to make an appearance at a Wisconsin church and talk about whatever it is that former NFL players talk about when they go to churches. Butler's apperance was cancelled, though, when the church discovered that he had sent a tweet … » 5/01/13 10:43am 5/01/13 10:43am

Here's Pope John Paul II Taking Some Swings At An Indoor Batting Cage

Pitchers and catchers! Popes, ranked! But how's this for synergy? The late Pope John Paul II, on a visit to California in 1987, stepping inside a batting cage to take a few hacks while a dude and a couple of pontificate minimi stand around talking softball. The Vatican's sports broadcasting division released this… » 2/12/13 5:05pm 2/12/13 5:05pm