Apparently Joanna Krupa Is Not A Fan Of Ryan Braun's Fashion Line

At another one of those REMETEE events (remember: like "remedy" not "ream tea") the model-turned-whatever privately told one photog what she thought of Braun's creation: "It looks like Ozzy Osbourne threw up on you." [Milwaukee Nights] » 8/25/09 1:21pm 8/25/09 1:21pm

Ryan Braun Would Like To Help You Grease Up Your Wardrobe

Those searching relentlessly for a t-shirt designed to better accentuate spray tans, distressed jeans, and forearm skull tattoos owe the Brewers left fielder an exploding fist-bump. » 6/03/09 6:00pm 6/03/09 6:00pm