Ed Hochuli's Crew Got The Full CBS Starting Lineup Treatment, Complete With Stating Where They Attended School

How excited was CBS for the return of union officials? Ed Hochuli's crew did the full Super Bowl-style intros before tonight's Jacksonville-Cincinnati game; the officials even said where they went to school. It was cute, but a little weird; after all, we're already back to booing these guys. [CBS] »9/30/12 4:27pm9/30/12 4:27pm


The NFL's Replacement Referees Will Not Be Missed, But They Did Entertain Us

Here's a greatest hits compilation that surfaced on YouTube within minutes of the news that the NFL and its referees had come to agreement on a new labor deal. Seeing all these lowlights strung together in one sad clip after another does give an appreciation for the unprecedented levels of suckitude that filled our… »9/27/12 12:40am9/27/12 12:40am

Why Are The Scab Refs Screwing Up Illegal-Contact Penalties?

The replacement officials made many mistakes over the weekend, some of such great consequence that they inspired incredible anger, others bad enough only to prompt a very loud "bullshit" chant. But they've all been bad. Instead of focusing on one specific mistake, or all the mistakes as a whole, though, we want to… »9/26/12 6:00pm9/26/12 6:00pm

Here's What Baltimore's Minute-Long "Bullshit" Chant Sounded Like Inside The Stadium

Replacement refs once again became an issue Sunday night, as a controversial illegal contact penalty followed by a rare bench personal foul assessed to the Ravens stirred the M & T Bank Stadium crowd into a rage. Indeed, it nearly sounds as if the entire city of Baltimore is joining in the "Bullshit" chant, one so… »9/24/12 12:27am9/24/12 12:27am

They're Getting Worse, Not Better: Here Are The 28 Worst Replacement Official Mistakes From Week 2

After a lousy first week in the NFL, replacement officials again came under fire this weekend following trip-ups, missed calls, and general ineptitude. While Roger Goodell testifies to the NFL's increased emphasis on player safety, his continued lockout of union officials reveals the league really doesn't give a… »9/20/12 2:22pm9/20/12 2:22pm

The Head Linesman From Sunday's Browns-Eagles Game Is Currently Refereeing A Seventh-Grade Game In Oklahoma

A reader in attendance for a seventh-grade football matchup between Bethany Middle School and Casady in Bethany, Oklahoma reports the referee for tonight's middle school game is none other than Kevin Akin, who served Sunday as head linesman for the Browns-Eagles game and will be working the Broncos-Falcons Monday… »9/11/12 9:26pm9/11/12 9:26pm