Replay Is Turning Baseball Into Football And I Hate It

The play above was a crucial moment in today’s ALDS game between the Royals and Astros. Down 3-2 with two outs in the top of the seventh, Royals pinch runner Terrance Gore attempted to steal third base. Despite beating the throw and the tag easily, Gore was called out—not because the umpire blew the call, but because… »10/12/15 4:39pm10/12/15 4:39pm


You Have No Idea Whether Greg Jennings Really Fumbled Or Not, So Shut Up Already

Here's the definitive camera angle on the play from yesterday's Packers-Giants game that everyone is so twisted out of shape about. Greg Jennings is on his way to the ground, and the ball is a fraction of a second from being wrenched out of his grasp, and you can clearly see—what? Unless I missed the day the NFL… »1/16/12 4:23pm1/16/12 4:23pm