My Life In The Locker Room: A Female Sportswriter Remembers The Dicks

Originally published June 4, 1992, in the Dallas Observer. Reprinted here with permission from the author, who has also provided an afterword about the response to her story. » 11/24/14 1:42pm 11/24/14 1:42pm

Shadow Boxing: Lessons About Life, Death, And Writing, From Rocky

The Fight: Patterson Vs. Liston

Originally published in the February 1963 issue of Nugget, "The Fight: Patterson vs. Liston" also appears in At the Fights: American Writers on Boxing, edited by George Kimball and John Schulian and published in hardcover, paperback, and as an e-book by The Library of America. You can also find it in the recent… » 10/23/14 7:48am 10/23/14 7:48am

What's The Matter With Jim Brown?

Originally published in the December 1986 edition of Sport magazine, as part of a special 40th anniversary issue devoted to "The 40 Who Changed Sports." This story is a good analytical companion to Pete Dexter's insane 1981 profile of Brown, reprinted here last week . » 9/18/14 9:23am 9/18/14 9:23am

How To Handle A Repo: Chapter 1 Of Elmore Leonard's Unknown Man No. 89

Elmore Leonard had been writing for 22 years when his agent, the legendary H.N. Swanson, told him to read George V. Higgins's seminal crime novel about the Boston underworld, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. This was in 1972; Leonard was 46. He'd worked in advertising and written westerns—stories and novels—and he'd… » 9/16/14 2:55pm 9/16/14 2:55pm

An NFL Safety's Zen Quest For The Perfect Hit

"Will You Be The Best There Ever Was?" Asked The Naked Woman With A Gun

In April, we brought you the real-life story of Eddie Waitkus , the ballplayer who was shot by a teenage girl. That incident is best known in its fictionalized form, in Bernard Malamud's The Natural, which we've excerpted below from the just-released collection Bernard Malamud: Novels and Stories of the 1940s & 50s. » 7/15/14 11:04am 7/15/14 11:04am

Someday Belmont: The Making Of A Race Horse

Originally published in the June 1, 1975, edition of New York Newsday. Reprinted here with the author's permission. For more Nack, check out his classic portrait of Secretariat in Sports Illustrated. » 6/06/14 12:55pm 6/06/14 12:55pm

Albert Brooks Is Funnier Than You Think

Originally published in the July 1983 issue of Playboy. To read every article the magazine has ever published—from 1953 until today—visit the complete archive at For more Playboy, check out » 5/09/14 2:01pm 5/09/14 2:01pm

The Fall Of Kevin Mackey, The NCAA Tournament's Junkie Cinderella

Originally published in the December 1992 edition of GQ. Reprinted with the author's permission. Annotations from the author (as told to Alex Belth) appear throughout the story. » 4/07/14 3:01pm 4/07/14 3:01pm

The Unnatural Shooting Of A Baseball Player By A Silly Teenage Honey

Excerpted from Eddie and the Gun Girl, a Kindle Single about the shooting of Eddie Waitkus, the real-life event that's best known as the fictional pivot of Bernard Malamud's The Natural. Annotations by the author appear throughout. » 4/02/14 2:00pm 4/02/14 2:00pm

The Masters Its Ownself

Dan Jenkins's His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir was published last week, which is as good an excuse as any to go spelunking through the back pages of one of our finest and funniest sportswriters. Here's a classic from the April 1985 issue of Golf Digest, anthologized in Jenkins's Fairways and Greens. Reprinted here with… » 3/12/14 3:18pm 3/12/14 3:18pm

Magic Act: The Making Of Earvin Johnson, AIDS Saint

Originally published in the February 1993 issue of GQ. Annotations by the author appear throughout. For more, check out E. Jean Carroll's story about NBA groupies, published in 1992 as "Love in the Time of Magic." » 3/03/14 10:23am 3/03/14 10:23am

The Aftermath Of The Worst Drop In Super Bowl History

Originally published as "Smith hates for it to end like this" in the Jan. 22, 1979, edition of the Miami News. Reprinted here with the author's permission. » 1/30/14 9:40am 1/30/14 9:40am

The Last Of The Old Way: Larry Bird's Celtics Enter The Modern Era