When Harry Caray Was A Rebel With A Microphone

This piece was originally published in the October, 1968 issue of Sports Illustrated. It is reprinted here with permission from Cope's family. » 4/01/15 1:17pm Today 1:17pm

Use the Wisdom of Crowds to Draft the Best Fantasy Football Team


It's that time of the year—when fantasy football fans take to making their draft picks. But rather than relying on blind intuition, utilizing the wisdom of crowds will put your picks above the experts almost every time. » 8/08/14 5:09pm 8/08/14 5:09pm

What It Was Like Being The Only Virgin On Magic's Hypersexed Lakers

The Zen Master Goes To LA: How Phil Jackson Started A Lakers Dynasty

The following is excerpted from Lord of the Rings, the new Phil Jackson biography by Peter Richmond. The text is accompanied by footnotes from the author, who also did an interview on The Stacks last week. » 12/30/13 3:37pm 12/30/13 3:37pm

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal Nov. 21, 2011. Republished with permission of the author. For more, visit the WSJ.com sports section. » 11/28/13 1:30pm 11/28/13 1:30pm

One Man's Epic Review of a "Match.com for NFL Fans"

NFL commentator Rich Eisen has, for reasons unknown, created a dating app for football fans. And if the only good it brings the world is this joyously unhinged review from KissingSuzyKolber's PFTCommenter, it will have been worth it. Read it below, in all its [sic]'d glory: » 10/18/13 4:43pm 10/18/13 4:43pm

30 Paragraphs About 30 Teams: A Thinking Fan's Guide To The NHL Season

The following is excerpted from the team chapters of the excellent Hockey Prospectus 2013-2014, by the authors of Hockey Prospectus. Buy the PDF for $14.95 or order the printed book from Amazon. » 10/02/13 2:18pm 10/02/13 2:18pm

Bud Selig, Interim Commissioner For Life: A Dialogue

The Same Old Game is the third issue of The Classical Magazine. In addition to this piece, it features writing by Carson Cistulli, Eric Freeman and more, as well as nine artists including Craig Robinson, Dmitry Samarov, and Amelie Mancini. » 7/09/13 2:00pm 7/09/13 2:00pm