Cortland Finnegan Retires, Remains In Denial About Time He Got Beat Up

Cortland Finnegan—the long-time Titan cornerback who is better known as the NFL's biggest asshole—took to Instagram today to announce his retirement. In a statement that covers his love of the game, his appreciation at having played, and his excitement about his future, he reveals that is apparently still in denial… »3/11/15 11:51am3/11/15 11:51am

Allen Iverson Finally Obeys Laws Of Nature, Officially Retires

Allen Iverson made his retirement official today, even though it's hard to know how, exactly, to define such a thing for him. Iverson, now 38, was never a professional basketball player so much as he was, foremost, an object in motion, tending always to stay in motion. If Iverson can be said to retire, then a… »10/30/13 9:54pm10/30/13 9:54pm

Report: Nation's Top High School Football Coach May Step Down

If you're looking for a legendary coach amid today's high school football landscape, it's hard to top Bob Ladouceur's credentials. But after 399 wins over 34 seasons at De La Salle High School in the Bay Area and throughout a tenure that has produced more than a few NFL players (read: Amani Toomer and Maurice… »1/03/13 8:50pm1/03/13 8:50pm

Chris Ault, Creator Of The Pistol Offense, Will Leave Nevada After 28 Years

Chris Ault, the innovator behind the pistol offense and long, long-time head coach of Nevada Wolf Pack football, is officially stepping down after 28 (non-consecutive) years. In that time, Ault recorded some impressive statistics, including only two losing seasons in his tenure, and 27 seasons of outscoring… »12/29/12 10:15am12/29/12 10:15am

Clinton Portis, Coach Janky Spanky, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, Southeast Jerome, Dolla Bill, Dr. Do Itch Big, Bro Sweets, Prime Minister Yah Mon, Bud Foxx, Coconut Jones, And Choo-Choo All Announce Their NFL Retirements

Clinton Portis, who last played through an injury-plagued year in 2010, will officially announce his retirement Thursday at a news conference at Redskins Park. Portis was fabulous for the better part of seven seasons in Denver and Washington, but his legacy might suffer from the fact that he played on some pretty… »8/21/12 4:30pm8/21/12 4:30pm

Here's Kerry Wood's Emotional Exit From Baseball, After One Final Strikeout

We reported earlier today Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is retiring from baseball, but the oft-injured hurler promised to make one last appearance before hanging up his cleats. That appearance came today, and it was in a legitimate spot; down 3-2 in the eighth, Wood relieved starter Jeff Samardzija and promptly struck out… »5/18/12 4:47pm5/18/12 4:47pm