Al Pacino's Worst Movie Ever Is Revolution

Flipping around cable, I land on 1993's Carlito's Way and check in for a few scenes of a lurid, pulpy, and very Brian De Palma movie that's arguably like Scarface with an interior life. And as Al Pacino struts and chews his way through another role with another weird accent that ultimately leaves him sounding… »2/20/15 2:53pm2/20/15 2:53pm


Flames and Chaos Erupt in Kiev as 21 Die in Police Raid on Protest

The months-long standoff between Ukraine's strongarm pro-Russian president and opposition protesters in the streets of Kiev, the capital, has turned grisly in recent hours, with 18 deaths reported in clashes between police and the demonstrators. This gripping livestream is being broadcast from Kiev's main square: »2/18/14 4:29pm2/18/14 4:29pm

NBC Decides The Cubs Probably Aren't Going To Win The World Series This Year

Two screenshots. On the left, an early press photo for NBC's new show Revolution, set in a post-apocalyptic 2027, as the characters walk pass a Wrigley Field claimed by the ivy. On the right, the same picture, taken from the show's actual broadcast last night. The "2012 World Series Champions" sign has been removed,… »9/18/12 5:30pm9/18/12 5:30pm