Mike Shanahan Admits To Lying To The Media All The Time

Mike Shanahan was a little fired up at his press conference earlier today. That's understandable, considering the monumental shit storm that has descended on the Redskins' season. But the best part of the presser came when Shanahan, with one little admission, crystallized everything that is so dysfunctional about the… » 12/11/13 3:31pm 12/11/13 3:31pm

Wale Made A Song For RGIII

When we last checked in with D.C. rapper Wale, he was beefing with Toronto Raptors play-by-play man Matt Devlin, and we were laughing at the silliness of the beef. But Wale is spending his time more constructively these days, and recorded a song for the upcoming documentary about Robert Griffin III's return from… » 8/22/13 10:21am 8/22/13 10:21am

Robert Griffin III Twisted His Knee On A Dead Patch Of Sports Language

LANDOVER, Md.—After the Redskins' 24-14 playoff loss to the Seahawks, Washington's players and head coach talked about the "difference between being injured and being hurt," the importance of being there for your teammates, and how, in the words of Robert Griffin III, "you have to step up and be a man sometimes." This is… » 1/06/13 11:15pm 1/06/13 11:15pm

Robert Griffin III Is Basically The President Of The United States,…

This incredibly stupid column, which was written by Maureen Dowd and published in Sunday's edition of The New York Times, and which compares rookie Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to President Barack Obama, does not prove that sports and politics should never mix. It just demonstrates the worst possible way to … » 11/26/12 5:53pm 11/26/12 5:53pm

Looks Like The Redskins Will Be Just Fine With Griffin At Quarterback

You've got to be feeling good if you're a Washington Redskins fan. Your team signs cornerback Cedric Griffin in the offseason to help bolster your secondary, but it turns out (at least according to ESPN.com) that he's a more-than-capable stopgap at quarterback, filling in until Robert Griffin III is ready to take the… » 8/09/12 8:20pm 8/09/12 8:20pm

Headline On Radio Station Website Unintentionally Links Robert Griffin …

You can see how this might happen, given everything. Robert Griffin III was on The Tonight Show late last night, and he beatboxed for Jay Leno, because there's nothing RGIII can't do, you see. Washington D.C.'s all-news station had the footage, and they wanted to post it on their website this morning, the earlier the… » 5/18/12 11:15am 5/18/12 11:15am