The One Thing Both Coaches Can Agree Upon: The Ref Sucks

During the second half of tonight's NIT game between Iona and Rhode Island, Iona's Kelvin Amayo picked up a technical foul for hanging on the rim while attempting to complete an alley-oop. As the referees huddled to discuss the call—it would stand—the camera cut to Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley. Because we don't… »3/17/15 9:57pm3/17/15 9:57pm


Rhode Island's Football Stadium Started Blaring Hip Hop And Dubstep At 2 A.M. Last Night

Perhaps haunted by the ghosts of booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere, Rhode Island's Meade Stadium came alive during the witching hour. According to Eric, the URI student who took this video, the music began blaring at 2 in the morning, featuring favorites like "Ms. Jackson," "21 Questions," and other… »11/21/12 10:10am11/21/12 10:10am

Rhode Island Basketball Player Accused Of Filming His Sexual Encounters, Which Ended Up On Facebook

Two women at the University of Rhode Island say they had consensual sex last fall with freshman forward Jonathan Holton, who earlier this month was named to the Atlantic 10's all-rookie team. But Holton allegedly made videos of those encounters. And some of those videos, according to a Providence TV station, wound up… »3/27/12 7:20pm3/27/12 7:20pm

The Worst College Basketball In America Is Played In The State Of Rhode Island

The nation's smallest state is home to four Division I men's basketball programs. As of right now, all four are in last place in their respective conferences: Brown is 1-9 in the Ivy, Bryant is 1-15 in the Northeast Conference, Providence is 2-13 in the Big East, and Rhode Island is 2-11 in the Atlantic 10. Jim… »2/20/12 5:15pm2/20/12 5:15pm